It must be Christmas!

Yule love the holiday cheer the Mighty Magic Pants bring

Elena Cornwell

Humanities professor Mike Mennard, public relations director Ryan Teller and their friends Becky Gomez, Jessica Perry and Jacob Wright who make up the band The Mighty Magic Pants have released their first Christmas album entitled “It Must Be Christmas.”

With 23 tracks of fun and silly songs, the new album is one you don’t want to skip this season. It features a mix of songs and poems performed by Mennard and his wacky crew, covering topics from reindeer being barbequed to coming down with the flu on Christmas.

An interactive band geared towards kids, the Mighty Magic Pants kicked off in the summer of 2012, fulfilling Mennard’s dream of creating a band that allows its audience to be fully involved in their music. Their motto is to “make someone’s day, everyday” whether they are performing with the band or not.

“I love nothing more than to see kids and families singing, dancing, and laughing—together,” says Mennard. “All the songs I write are done with the goal to make that happen.”

Senior graphic design major Alina Matheson believes the new album is all the rage. “I like it. It’s funny, has good messages, and they connect with the kids well. It isn’t just for kids, though,” she adds. “Adults can also really enjoy their music too. My favorite song on their album is ‘Santa Shaved His Beard.’ They are hilarious!”

Matheson is not the only one who enjoys the band. This writer found herself surprised by how catchy the songs were. “Rudolph on the Barbeque” and “Snowman in Death Valley” will stick in my head for days at a time, and snippets of the poems will pop into my head at random times. The lyrics to these and the other tracks on the album are rhymed with the ease that is representative of Mennard’s own personal flair and really make the album hold together.

If you want to see the band live (you really should) head to one of their upcoming concerts here in Nebraska. For more information, visit or stop by Mennard’s office in the Humanities division here on Union’s campus.

Elena is a senior pursuing a personalized major.