These Gymnaires are no joke

Acrofest and other updates

Derek Baker

Christmas break is near and for most of us this means late night study sessions and lots of trips to The Mill. For a certain group on campus these last few weeks are pivotal in the classroom and the mats. I caught up with a few Union College Gymnaires to talk about their experience at Acrofest and their love for gymnastics.

I asked captain Heather Boulais about this year’s team and what she enjoyed most about gymnastics. “One of my favorite parts about the team is getting to know each team member,” she said. “Listening to stories from their past, and being able to understand them as a person beyond being a gymnast. This is my fourth year on Union’s Gymnaires team. I am more excited about this year than any other year, because we have some awesome, genuinely good people. The people on this year’s team are hardworking, silly, caring and fun people to be around.”

Freshman Kayra Randolph, a freshman from Centralia, Missouri, said, “My favorite part about Acrofest was performing on Saturday night. It’s what we and all the other teams have been preparing for all semester. It is always so exciting to hear the cheering crowd throughout the routines. Even when a team does not hit one of their moves the crowd is so encouraging for them to try it again. The best part is the focus on God. We are all performing not to show what we can do, but what Christ can do through us. For the very last routine, Southern Adventist University performed a Bible routine to remind everyone that God is number one. It was a great way to end the night before we all went our separate ways to begin our long journeys home.”

Boulais agreed, saying, “The most anticipated night of Acrofest is Saturday night. Each team works incredibly hard all throughout first semester, giving it everything they have towards their Acrofest routine. This spectacular routine is performed on Saturday night, along with the other twenty-six teams. It is exciting to watch all of the hard work pay off!”

I asked gymnast Lindsay Fandrich whose routine was the best. “I think Southern’s gymnastics team had the best routine this year with WAU coming up close behind. There was a lot going on in both routines, and it was so fun to watch!”

The Gymnaires’ season is just beginning. In January the team will travel to Ozark Adventist Academy to perform, then embark on a spring break tour in March, followed by a visit to other academies in the Midwest in April and, lastly, a home show in May.

Next year’s Acrofest will be held here at Union College. It’s not too late to join the fun. If you are interested in joining gymnastics next semester, contact Ryan Perry and become a Gymnaire.

Derek is senior studying business sport management.