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7 fun and entertaining YouTube channels to check out

Jacob Prosser

We humans are pretty creative. YouTube and the internet allow people to broadcast their ideas and creations instantly to millions. Pair these together, and awesome content is readily available to watch.

Some of the content people put out on YouTube truly amazes me. There are numerous types of channels out there—technology reviews, crazy random facts, prank videos and music producers. Here are some unique picks that you might find interesting and entertaining.

One of the coolest things I’ve watched in the past year is from a YouTuber named Daniel Kim. His most viewed videos are called “Pop Danthology.” At the end of each year, Daniel creates a mashup of all the year’s top pop songs. The result is pretty awesome to listen to, and people agree: his 2013 mashup has close to 30 million views!

One of the other musical channels I’m subbed to is BaracksDubs. The channel’s owner produces videos of President Obama singing hit songs, using auto-tuned Obama voice clips from all his many press conferences. The results are hilariously funny sounding and it’s amazing how many of them actually sound like Obama singing. (My personal favorite is the “Can’t Touch This” video.)

Another category I have several subscriptions to is science and learning. I know—sounds like a snore—but hear me out. The first channel is The Slow Mo Guys. Ever want to know what it looks like to catch a bullet with a watermelon in super slo mo? How about a building exploding? A person vomiting?! Yeah, they got you covered, and the results are pretty amazing to watch.

The other channel you should check out for some mind-blowing knowledge is Vsauce. Michael, the channel’s producer, spits some crazy knowledge and fun facts on every topic from “Why do we kiss?” and “Why are bad words bad?” to even even crazier topics, such as “What would it look like in a black hole?” or “Will we ever run out of new music?”  Michael goes deep in-depth scientifically, but always keeps it in easy to understand words (which is something his 8 million subscribers appreciate).

Of course I’m going to share some of my favorite tech YouTubers. Marques Brownlee is probably near the top when it comes to best TechTubers. Brownlee goes in-depth and answers the questions people want to know, gives great reviews, and—for the most part—presents an unbiased opinion in his videos. His content is very well produced and is paying off, as he recently surpassed 2 million subscribers.

While this second channel typically has pretty lengthy videos, MobileTechReview also has great content. If you want to know everything about a particular tech gadget and see head-to-head comparisons of the newest tech, this is a channel to check out.

Lastly, UrAvgConsumer puts out some great videos as well. While the videos are typically a bit shorter, he still presents the information people want to know and gives good insight on new tech.

There are many, many more YouTube channels I could suggest. The awesome thing about YouTube is that you can always find content that interests you. And the more videos you watch, the more videos you will find. It can be an entertaining, endless loop of content! If you ever find yourself bored or simply looking to kill some time, YouTube can be the place to be.

Jacob is a sophomore studying communication.