Student Senate Round 2

Town Hall meetings, dead day talks and social media endeavors

Naomi Prasad

“How do we know you’re really a nurse?”

“I promise I work at St. Joe’s.”

“Point is, my friend thinks your cute. Give me your number so he can have it.”

“Yea, thats not going to happen…”

“Give me your email address, I just got an AOL.”


If you watch Parks and Recreations, you would know that this was a conversation between citizens from the towns of Pawnee and Ann. Situations such as these show the many absurd things that are said during the show’s town hall meetings. Luckily for us, Senate will be having its own town hall meeting around March. What goes down during our town hall meeting is anyone’s guess, so watch out for posters during March.

The town hall meeting is just one of the many new goals Senate has for this semester. Senators will be presenting their own bills on how they would like to breathe fresh change through Union College this semester.

Senate has set their sights on advancing conversation with the dead days committee. Certain rules have been established by the committee prohibiting teachers from giving homework during the last day of the semester. As the years have gone by, the rules for dead days have become a little hazy. Senate will be working with this committee to improve communication between the students and teachers about what dead days actually entail.

Although this semester is all about setting goals for Senate, it’s important to note that they have accomplished many goals last semester. A Facebook page for Senate has been set up for students to be informed of what goes on during meetings and to show students that Senate is just a click away from reaching them. has also been set up for students to present any ideas, questions, or to get in contact with the Senators. If you have any innovative ideas, our Senators would be more than happy to work with you to bring them to life.

Senate has been working very hard this year to make sure students feel incorporated into the changes that are occurring on our campus. Students can get involved by emailing, facebooking, or showing up to the town hall meeting with questions like, “If sugar is bad for us, why did Jesus make sugar so sweet?”

Editors note: You can find our Senate on facebook at Their email address is

Naomi is a sophomore studying chemistry and pre-med.