The Jesus of Adventism

Six ways Jesus lives through Union College students

Abner Campos

A friend of mine told me a while ago that she came to Union not for Adventist beliefs and environment specifically but for the small, friendly college environment. She even argued against the requirement of having Bible classes at all.

However, Union College is structured to give students a very specific Adventist atmosphere. Our official mission reads, “Inspired by faith in Jesus Christ and dedicated to a personal student-focused community, Union College empowers students for learning, service and leadership.”

Inspired by faith in Jesus Christ? What does that even mean? Who is the Jesus of Adventism?

While Union is centered upon Jesus just like other non-Adventist schools, we need to recognize that the “Jesus of Adventism”, or our interpretation of Jesus, is different than any other interpretation. Union College is unique because the Jesus who leads us is radically better than we could ever imagine.

Adventism is different because:

Our Jesus does not torture. As Adventists, we believe that hell is an ending of all sin—not a continual burning of people forever and ever. We don’t believe that a God who tortures eternally harmonizes with a God of love.

Our Jesus rescues. Many faiths believe that Jesus will rapture His people, but Adventists believe that Jesus will publicly rescue His remnant and reveal Himself to the world.

Our Jesus governs. “The law of God is as sacred as God Himself,” claims Ellen White in “Patriarchs and Prophets”.  As a pledge of love and allegiance, Jesus asks us to maintain an intimate relationship with Him by keeping His Law. Adventists give special attention to the fourth commandment: the Sabbath.

Our Jesus dwells. God dwells in temples, forests, institutions, but most importantly in us. The Bible says that our bodies are temples of the Spirit of God. If God dwells in us, we want to be able to live for Him in the best way possible. Therefore, Adventism emphasizes eating healthy, avoiding liquors and wines, and steering clear of damaging substances.

Our Jesus creates. God didn’t just set things in motion to evolve and run its own course. The God of scripture was engaged in creation and is involved with His creations. In six literal days Jesus created the world. We also believe that the same God who created the world will restore it.

Our Jesus saves. When we die, we don’t go to heaven or a place of fiery flames. When we die, we sleep until Jesus rescues us and takes us home.             

Union College is incredible and I love it just the way it is. Being Seventh-day Adventist at Union means to be sold on a Jesus who is different and creative and loving. If you ever question why Union is different, know that it is because Jesus is different.

Abner is a sophomore studying theology.