Turn your winter waistline into a winner waistline

Winter-proof your workout with these four Lincoln hotspots

Debbie Pinto

Winter weighing you down? Do those jeans from August seem to fit a little bit tighter? With spring break around the corner it’s time to put on those workout clothes and start shaping up, but there’s just one problem, the icy air outside burns your face and the snow on the ground makes you want to cuddle up in bed. But you’re in luck, because Lincoln is home to three great locations that can transform your winter waistline into a winner waistline. While running on the treadmill in Larson will whip you into shape, there are many other ways to make working out fun and still avoid the winter chills.

UNL’s Outdoor Adventures Center

Want ripped shoulders and a sculpted upper body? Rock climbing helps build strong arms, back and core muscles. Newly opened in May 2014, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s $5.28 million Outdoor Adventures Center offers outdoor activities in an indoor facility that boasts Nebraska’s largest climbing and bouldering gym. For $25, you can learn the basics of  rock climbing, how to use equipment and make knots, and rope management skills. Here’s the kicker with the completion of the course, you get a one-year pass to the rock wall! It’s a deal you don’t want to miss!

Studio 4:8

Looking for a less intense workout? Yoga is a discipline that focuses on breath control and simple meditation that builds muscle strength and relaxes the mind at the same time. At Studio 4:8, a Christian yoga studio located on 48th Street, they make it their mission to deliver classes with intention of connecting our earthly and spiritual beings. Yogis of all levels are welcome. The first class is free, and if you decide you want to continue, you can get a membership of $25 a month with unlimited access! Not to mention they have Free Community Yoga on Mondays from 7-8 p.m. For more information,  you can go on their Facebook page under Studio 4:8.

Lifestyle Makeover with Bryan Health

Looking to overhaul your entire lifestyle? Bryan Health not only offers different types of fitness classes such as zumba, yoga and cycling but also offer nutrition and weight loss classes that focus on health outside the gym. You can take these classes with the purchase of a punch card for different amounts of classes such as 4 classes for $25, 8 classes for $40, or 12 classes for $60. No membership required!

When it’s cold outside, it’s easy to lose motivation, but keeping variety in a workout can help. Many fitness centers also offer trial classes which can help you decide if those classes are for you. Also keep in mind that the spring is coming up and registration for marathons such as the Good Life Halfsy, a half marathon in the fall that takes you to by most scenic spots in Lincoln. You can find 12-week training schedules on their website for beginners and intermediate trainers. Registration opens January 31 at 10  a.m. Whatever you decide on, get those workout clothes out and start training! Stay active, stay healthy, stay classy.

Debbie is a junior studying elementary education.