Old Fashioned

Adventist production hits theaters

Abner Campos

Old Fashioned is hitting select movie theaters around the country. You might be asking yourself, “What in the world is Old Fashioned?” Old Fashioned is a love story unveiled in an enthralling film. This time, however, Nicholas Sparks took no part in writing or directing.

Actually, Rik Swartzwelder, a Seventh-day Adventist writer, actor, and producer, directed a cast and crew to create a love film that will be showing in theaters starting Valentine’s Day. But this is no ordinary Hollywood love story. Old Fashioned carries chivalry, respect, and purity.

It’s devastatingly old fashioned for love to represent anything but lust and passion. Combating for top of the box office on Valentine’s Day weekend is the ever so popular Fifty Shades of Gray, a pornographic novel that has enticed women all over the world. Unfortunately, love nowadays is thought of as being primarily sexual and secondarily relational.

There is a waging war between redefining relationships as selfish and sexual versus selfless and sacrificial. So, how can we best promote a self-sacrificing and chivalrous love?

Promote Old Fashioned.

A group of students have been meeting in the Youth Room at CVC to discuss relationships, love, and the messes they can bring.

The first “Old Fashioned” relationships Bible study was led out by Harold and Rosie Alomia, sharing their thoughts on attraction and how relationships, long or short term, begin with a physical attraction to a person.

Tamara and Mickey Seiler discussed pre-dating in the second study and the danger and need for it. Tamara’s punch line was, “Don’t lick a frozen pole and walk away.” What that means is that it might be better to know a person on a strict friendship basis before allowing any physical or sexual attachment.

The third study was guided by Stan Hardt. As a brilliant mind on the topic of love and relationships, Stan shared his wisdom on dating and what it means to be in a healthy relationship. He contrasted “smart and smarter dating to dumb and dumber dating.”

Lastly, Michael and Alana Paradise will focus on intimacy within romantic relationships. Wednesday, February 4, students of Union College will meet for the final meeting of the Old Fashioned Relationships bible study.

So, if you’ve ever had a hurricane run through your heart or left a hole in someone elses, then these studies could be for you. Perhaps you’ve never been in a romantic relationship; these studies might be for you too.

Whether you’re single, dating, engaged or married, the invitation is open for anyone and everyone.

Abner is a sophomore studying theology.