Union’s very own bouldering wall

So you think you can climb?

Photo Caption: Union College's Senate Members

Naomi Prasad

“I just want my rock wall now,” IRR major, Kyle Iilio laughed.

One of the reasons that Iilio came to Union was for our rock wall. Kyle has dreamed of having a new rock wall built in on campus since last school year. Senior theology major, Makenzy Jean, has been working with Senate since last school year to get this wall built. Union College’s IRR major is one of the most unique majors among our Adventist colleges. The IRR department has been advancing since the opening of the state of the art IRR/PA building.

Finding the location of this rock wall was difficult. To have a rock wall you would need a building with a lot of height. The gym was proposed but that would take years for the building process to start. After much deliberation a bouldering wall was proposed. Jean took it to Senate last year and it got approved by the president and all the head staff. The planning for the bouldering wall started. A recreation team was made to make decisions on how to start planning for the building of the bouldering wall. They had countless meetings last year and this year asking questions and proposing solutions at all angles to see the most time and cost efficient way to get this wall built. The recreation team did many petitions to Senate showing their new ideas.

Iilio decided to join Senate this year to get hands on his wall. The bouldering wall would be right across from the campus store right where the elevator and piano are located. Instead of getting a contractor and spend lots of money on building, Union College will build its own bouldering wall. Paul Jenks and Ric Spaulding have been working together with Iilio to lay out all the blueprints and costs of building the wall. After all the financials have been resolved the Don Love building will start undergoing construction for a bouldering wall.

This is just one of the many bills that are being brought to Senate this semester. The bouldering wall bill has been through Senate for a while now. Some bills may take longer to take get through Senate while others may pass and take effect immediately. Stay tuned to find out other bills being passed through Senate.

Naomi is a sophomore studying chemistry and pre-med.