Stebbing vs. Beutler: The race to be Lincon’s mayor

A recap of the Lincoln City Elections Candidate Forum

Naomi Prasad

On February 10, the city of Lincoln held their first installment of the City Elections Candidate Forum. This forum included everyone who was running for mayor and positions on the city council. Every candidate expressed how they would provide a better future for the City of Lincoln. Surprisingly, very few candidates showed up. The perfect storm had formed, and most of the Republican candidates had something going on that night. Two people from District 3 came, one from District 1, one from District 2, and one from District 4.

Lincoln’s current Lancaster County Treasurer who is running for mayor, Andy Stebbing, did not show up, yet he still claims he is serious about his election. He has acquired 300 signatures and has paid his filing fee. The community has been very welcoming of Stebbing. He has served as a treasurer and in the law enforcement for 20 years. As of now, Stebbing is not supporting any tax increases. His main focus during his “to-be” term will be the decreasing number of gang members and enhancing public safety.

Stebbing’s opponent, Chris Beutler, is nothing short of amazing competition. He has served as Lincoln’s 51st mayor since 2007. He was born and raised in Omaha and attended college at Yale University and University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law. He has also served in the U.S. Peace Corps and the U.S. Army. Beutler’s focus is to provide a greener environment for Lincoln and make use of local resources. He also wishes to continue his efforts to provide funding for roads and infrastructure. He has been a major supporter of the building of the Pinnacle Bank Arena.

It was very beneficial for the community to come out and ask questions and see what the intentions of the candidates were. All the candidates seemed very passionate about running and providing a brighter future for the city of Lincoln.

As Union’s academic school year is coming to a close, ASB elections are to be anticipated. If you want to get involved on campus in a very hands on way, this just may be the thing for you. Keep a look out for posters and advertisements and remember to make educated votes!

Naomi is a sophomore studying chemistry and pre-med.