Introducing the Raspberry PI 2

This device definitely looks better than it tastes

Christian Dye

Raspberry PI, beyond being a delicious pastry, is a tiny computer. It can be described as an inexpensive motherboard that connects with a monitor’s USB drive and runs a Linux based operating system. To the computer science community, this is a fantastic innovation.

Raspberry PI allows for students to carry around a cheap portable computer into any computing lab and keep projects tight in a briefcase. However, for the average person, running a Linux based operating system is confusing and unfamiliar.

The Raspberry PI 2 is currently in development,  released supporting Windows 10. With the whopping price tag of $35, this computer almost pays for itself. The Raspberry PI 2 is expected to run a limited amount of applications, but Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer will be available.

Let’s say you’re taking Microsoft Applications and you need a computer to do homework on, but you don’t have the cash to drop on a new laptop. You could buy a Raspberry PI 2 and a monitor instead. If your main purpose of using a computer is doing homework, watching Netflix, and browsing Facebook, the Raspberry PI 2 is perfect for you. All you need to do is  simply turn it on, plug in an HDMI cord, and boom! You’re all set. This device will not only have a great impact on saving students money in America, but it will help people in poorer parts of the world have access to basic computer education.

Unfortunately, the Raspberry PI 2 doesn’t have the full capabilities of your average computer; it’s simplistic. A normal computer runs either Windows 8 or OSX Yosemite (full feature operating systems). The Raspberry PI 2 will run an RT, or a partial operating system, version of Windows 10.   It’s basic and simplistic, but depending on the knowledge level of the user, you may not notice a difference.

The Raspberry PI 2 doesn’t use intel processors, so one of the challenges that developers are facing is finding a way to run Windows Applications on a smaller processor.  It possesses a single gigabyte of RAM and uses a Micro SD card slot instead of a hard drive. However, it does have 4 USB ports, an HDMI slot, and an Ethernet port.

Though it has not been released quite yet, Raspberry PI 2 will be one of the most simplistic computers around. If you’re a simple user, it might just be something worth looking into.  

Christian is a senior business administration and computing major.