Never clear your inbox again

Union College to introduce new platforms for communication

Naomi Prasad

No more free donuts, bananas or shopping trips. Well, they’re not completely gone, but the 50 notifications you get every day from the emails Union sends are about to be. I speak for the majority of the students when I say we are tired of clinging to the false hope we might be popular and thinking we received a text message, when instead it’s an email saying “found saxophone” or “free panera bread outside student services.”

Dr. Frankie Rose and Senator Keith Wade are taking our technology to a whole new level. The main idea of our new communication platform update is a collection of apps that will make life easier for the students and faculty.

One of these is Google Apps for Education. Did you know that you can get a student email ending in “”? If you do, you probably haven’t used it often because most of Union’s emails are forwarded directly to your personal email. Many people on campus already have a Gmail account, so it would make sense for our school to switch over to this database. By using Google Apps for Education, students can look up other students or teachers’ emails instead of looking on the Peanut Gallery. All students have to do is type the first letters to the name and it will appear. Gmail education accounts have unlimited storage, and Gmail gives lifetime accounts to students which Union will offer once we switch over. This will make it easier to keep in touch with Alumni.

Along with Gmail, we will be able to utilize the other apps like Google Drive, which provides spreadsheets, word processing, team collaboration and much more.

There will be training included with the apps available for students and faculty. The timeframe for these events is still up for debate. The two current propositions are workshops that would occur throughout the year, or free uploaded tutorials.  

Student Senate voted unanimously to pass the bill. If everything goes as planned, the bill will take effect this summer, just in time for next school year.

Naomi is a sophomore studying chemistry and pre-med.