Be Better Than The Biebs

Learn from Justin’s mistakes and make the most of this school year!

Katie Morrison

Justin Bieber has been a controversial celebrity for the last five years, basking in the spotlight of fame and criticism. While at first America embraced his shaggy ‘do and his feminine vocals, Justin has now managed to alienate himself so much that even his most die-hard fans are embarrassed to own up to their Belieber status. In honor of Justin Bieber’s impending roast on Comedy Central, we have compiled a list of some of Justin’s most memorable antics and supply suggestions on how to avoid becoming America’s Most-Hated Canadian.

April 2013: Let’s begin three years after the release of his first album, “My World” (2009). Bieber visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and left a particularly controversial inscription in the guestbook. “Anne was a great girl,” he wrote. “Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” Everyone has said something insensitive before, but that doesn’t make it something that is okay. We need to pay attention to what we are saying and the people who are around us—unlike Justin.

How can we be better than Justin?

“There’s a time and place for everything,” says Makenzy Jean, a senior theology major. “We should not allow pop culture to disrespect history. Anne Frank and the Holocaust are on a different level than “Boyfriend” or “Baby.” Maybe not a higher level but . . . yeah, probably a higher lever.”

June 2013: In a huge jump from innocent pride and insensitivity, A video was leaked that showed Bieber urinating into a bucket and yelling expletives aimed towards former U.S. president Bill Clinton. This event was both juvenile and disrespectful to America, the country that gave Justin his fame and fortune!

How can we be better than Justin?

Kyle Dahms, an International Rescue and Relief freshman and cashier worker, saw this as “mad” disrespectful. “He started setting a bad example and he has all these kids that look up to him. Biebs bit the hand that fed him,” he said. “At Union, teachers and staff do a lot for us. We need to appreciate their hard work instead of biting their hands.”

July - November 2013: Things definitely escalated in the second half of 2013. In the span of a few months, Justin was a whirlwind of bad decisions: violent accusations, marijuana sightings, reckless driving witnessings and a brothel visit.

How can we be better than Justin?

“We don’t think about how our actions affect others,” Jojo Dunlap, a junior nursing student, said. “Justin beating up the photographer when the guy was just doing his job? Out of line. You never know who’s looking up to you. Be the example that others need to see. Union can be better. Let’s be better!”

January - March 2014: January was the beginning of Bieber’s legal troubles. After getting pulled over for drag racing, yelling at the cops, and failing his drug test following his arrest, the Biebs was in a pickle. In his deposition video, he demonstrated true tool-bag behavior as he cursed out the interviewers, stormed out of the room when his ex-girlfriend was mentioned and answered many questions with a snotty “I do not recall”. Say what?

How can we be better than Justin?

“I think it’s funny that he couldn’t recall the things he did,” said Paris Ritter, a junior studying exercise science. “Is it that hard to remember what you do? Justin couldn’t even remember the name of the person who made him famous: Usher? That’s just a bad friend. At least remember your friends’ names, Union College. Remember the fun times you’ve had together. It’d be embarrassing if you “did not recall.”

While he does have money and popularity (kind of) and clothes and fast cars (that he gets pulled over for driving too fast), Justin Bieber does not have the best judgment when it comes to making decisions.

Union College students, it’s not too much to ask. Let’s be better than Justin!

Katie is a junior studying business administration.