Town Hall Meeting

We could possibly get laundry in our tuition

Naomi Prasad

On February 26 Senate held a town hall meeting at the Rees Hall basement. Despite the random location, the town hall meeting was a hit. It was the first ever town hall meeting Union College has ever seen.

Most of the Senators had presented on their bill thus far during the meeting. Freshman, Senga Rutebuka presented the bill of having curfew extensions during break. For those staying during break, whether that be spring break or fall break, the last thing on your mind curfew. Students who go to UNL are shocked at the fact that students at Union College have curfew. “I think it’s ridiculous you have a curfew in college, we’re supposed to be learning how to manage our time as adults and we cant do that if all of our time is being regulated. What are you suppose to do when you graduate?” junior Katie Schapker at UNL stated. Rutebuka surveyed 84 students and half of them said that they stayed in the dorm during break. He again surveyed 123 students and 100% of students wanted a curfew extension regardless if they stayed in the dorm or not. For students who are in the dorm until you are 22 or a senior curfew is kind of nuisance especially when you are on break and you just want to be free.

IRR major Shardae Sims and sophomore Briggitte Chavez proposed having a coin machine in the girls dorm. If you live in Rees Hall you would have seen a survey at the front desk asking if we had a coin machine if it would be utilized. 95% of girls responded that a coin machine would be useful. Yes you can always go down to the front desk and ask for quarters, but it is also convenient to have a coin machine to just do it for you.

Sophomore, elementary education Danica Eylenstein proposed the bill of having laundry money included in our tuition cost. Most students, me included, wait till the last minute when you have growing pile of laundry to do laundry to save money. Everyone carries plastic now days and having cash is a rare case. Out of all the bills that were presented, this one interested most students.

“Town hall meeting was really interesting. I’m surprised we do not do this more often. I got to see who was actually in Senate and hear about how passionate they were about their bill,” engineer major Bryan Mungandi excitedly replied after the meeting. All in all, the town hall meeting was a great greet and meet with also good food.

Naomi is a sophomore studying chemistry and pre-med.