Dating on-the-line

It’s not what it used to be

Kyle Berg

In 1998, the blockbuster dating movie of the decade “You’ve Got Mail” burst through the silver screen. The rom-com starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan put online dating in a positive light when their unlikely love story began with the animated voice of AOL proclaiming, “You’ve got mail.”

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star in a rom-com that placed internet dating in a positive light and demonstrated that the internet can be used as a means to bring others together. This revolutionized the dating scene.

Three years prior to the film’s release, was created. Even before the internet dating phenomenon started there was another way to meet other than face-to-face interaction—the personal column, and once upon a time it was used to help single men passed the age of 21 to find a “good wife” according to Heather Whipps of

If you were single and ready to mingle in the 20th-century, but a little past the “socially acceptable age,” personal ads and the internet set men and women on a path to crossing that they might never have had.

By 1996, only a year after’s creation, 16 other dating sites sprouted.

In 2002, had over 26 million men and women seeking companionship.  

Coming around to 2015, there are probably more dating sites than Starbucks in Seattle. What was once socially awkward is now a norm of meeting the opposite sex. In those 20 some years since the creation of internet dating sites, much has changed.

The days of and are not forgotten. However, there are now more interesting ways of connecting with others. Tinder is one of the most common ways young people meet nowadays. For a tutorial of how to use Tinder please watch the YouTube video of Conan O’Brien and Dave Franco join Tinder. There are many of those that use Tinder to make connections with people, whether it be for friendship or companionship.

And because the internet is vast, so are the different kinds of dating sites. One such site that caught my eye is known as Bristlr which seeks to connect “those with beards with those who want to stroke them”. This site has a similar matching method to Tinder, where you are matched with locals in your area and anonymously sort through them and click if you interested or not.

Therefore, do not be afraid to peruse the sites above if you are single and searching. The waves of judgement have changed significantly. There is friendship, love, and companionship just a click away.

Yes, especially if you have a beard.

Kyle is a senior studying language arts education.