Spring dating in style

Fun date ideas for the warmer weather

Katie Morrison

The temps are going up, the coats are packed away and you’ve got yourself a love interest. Maybe it’s not a full-fledged romance quite yet and you’re just feeling it out. Maybe you’ve been dating for seven months, four days and thirty-three wonderful minutes. Either way, spring has arrived and you want to take advantage of the warmer days and spend some quality time with your S.O. (significant other).

What can you do to make that date extra special? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Looking for a romantic backdrop with a low cost? Look no further than the Sunken Gardens. The Sunken Gardens, constructed during the cold winter season of 1930, was originally a project for unemployed men during the depression. Now, un-entangled men (aka single guys) can come here and find entanglement (aka love)! The hard workers at Sunken Gardens redesign their 30,000 individual plants into a different theme every year. Come see this year’s theme, “Thunder Birds”, in action. Admission is free and I hear the tulips are lovely in the spring.

Another date set in nature is bird watching. All you need are eyes and a pair of binoculars. “It’s informative and you can experience God’s creation,” says Dorinda Ackah, a junior nursing student. “And trail mix is the perfect snack!” In addition to being a great snack, you might be able to tempt the birds down to your level using that trail mix. Nebraska Birding Trails is a website devoted to providing bird watchers with the best information on where to go and what to look for. Do your research and you could spot the occasional red-necked grebe.

Do you like puppies, happiness and warm feelings? Going to the local animal shelter and asking to play with the animals can be a great way to spend time together and see how cute your S.O. looks holding a puppy. Another way could be to borrow someone’s dog. Dean Braithwaite would love to lend you one of hers for a dog walk date. Maybe it give you a glimpse at your future . . .

Drive-in movies used to be all the rage and for good reason; there’s something magical about watching a movie outdoors. Unfortunately there are only two drive-in theaters still open in Nebraska, the closest one being almost three hours away. Has their allure changed? Nicholas Morrison, a freshman business and graphic design major, suggests that these should not be a thing of the past. “A drive-in movie would be a great date!” he says. “After the movie, we could get shakes or root beer floats and drive out to a field and stargaze from a truck bed. Note to self: buy a truck.”

And there are four date ideas that are unique, fun and don’t break the bank. Don’t just be okay with easy and convenient.  Spring is here and love is in the air! Be creative, think outside the box and of course, check out Pinterest if you’re really stuck.

Katie is a junior studying business administration.