Drawing senate to a close

Great things never come from comfort zones

Naomi Prasad

From our recent campus-wide easter egg hunt to the town hall meeting to building the rock wall, Senate has accomplished many things this semester. It’s fair to say they carved quite a few pathways toward a better Union.

“I would like to be a part of senate next year if I’m not too busy,” freshman senator Senga Rutebuka affirmed. “I would like to be in Senate next year because I like what we have been doing with promoting our bills and town hall meetings and seeing the progress we have made.”

Coming into his freshman year, Rutebuka has never thought of joining Senate. During his first year, he has represented Prescott Hall. Throughout the year, Rutebuka has been working on a bill “that would grant a curfew extension during breaks.” His bill will hit the senate floor in a couple of weeks. Rutebuka has worked hard on this bill, and he’s confident it will be successful.

“There have been pros and cons of being in Senate,” Rutebuka explains. “I like that we have a chance to change our school and I like that we keep engaged with the student body. I don’t like the lack of communication that we have once in awhile. Although that happens to everyone that works within a group. I do not like that we do not have the final say. We just bring attention to the issues to the Deans and President’s Council.”

Senate has done an exceptional job at keeping the student body informed by creating a Facebook page and website posting updates on bills, senate meeting notes and updates on events.

When Rutebuka was asked what prospecting senators should expect, he responded, “Expect to go out of your comfort zone.”

I have actively seen Senate’s presence on our campus, and it’s nice to know there are a group of students who are willing to leave their comfort zone to make changes on our campus.

Naomi is a sophomore studying chemistry and pre-med.