Places to Study in Lincoln

Places that allow deep focus beyond Collegeview

Debbie Pinto

We don’t want to think about it—it’s the dreaded six letter word that causes a spike in stress and takes away precious hours of sleep. Finals. They’re coming soon and it’s time to start studying for those long tests. While studying on campus is most convenient, the library will be flooded with students and too many people walk by the student center to stay focused. Now there are many coffeeshops around Lincoln that are great for studying, but what if the coffeeshop is too busy and distracting for you? Here are some places you can study and cram for those exams.

Nebraska State Library
325 State Capitol
1445 K Street
Lincoln, NE 6850

Found in the state capitol, the Nebraska State Library is the oldest public library in the state. Enacted by the Nebraska Legislature in 1871, this library contains volumes of law and miscellaneous books. In fact, it contains approximately 130,000 volumes. It is primarily a research library unlike local circulation libraries, and is set up for focus and research for your studying needs.

Indigo Bridge Books
701 P St #102, Lincoln, NE 68508

Located in the heart of the Haymarket District, Indigo Bridge is a bookstore and café small enough to allow for a quiet study environment but big enough to find books on your study break as well as grab a hot drink. Not to mention you can visit Ivanna Cone across the hall for some ice cream as a reward for your hard work. While there are not an abundance of large tables to study, there are large tables next to the windows for natural lighting that are perfect for your large stack of textbooks. It’s not busy, which helps minimize distractions and inspire you to focus. Check it out!

Local Diners

Out for brunch on Study Sunday? Stay where you are! Diners such as Village Inn and Hi-Way Diner not only provide food, but free WiFi. Studying at a diner is a good study environment if you don’t mind various waves of people at various times. Tables are large enough for your books and binders and the smell of food will satisfy those study munchies.

What are some of your favorite places to study off campus? The coffeeshop scene isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. These are only a couple of Lincoln’s hidden treasures that will help you study this spring. The Clocktower wishes you good luck with upcoming projects and exams!

Debbie is a junior studying elementary education.