Easier Listening than John Mayer

6 Christian songs that make the cut

Abner Campos


If you grew up in a Christian home, odds are your parents stuck strictly to hymns, had you listen to renditions of those hymns, or you broke off and indulged in TobyMac. Most kids who have grown up Christian probably stepped outside the Christian music sphere and joined musical movements outside what their parents expected. You can’t blame those kids, though. If Christian music sucks, why listen to it?

Fortunately, there are followers of Jesus who are devoted to producing quality music that doesn’t hurt your ears. Here’s six songs you should have on your Spotify playlist called “Christian”:

Build Your Kingdom Here

Rend Collective is a musical group from Ireland who have a Mumford and Sons feel with unusually attractive rhythms coupled with an obvious passion for Jesus. They make it their goal to lift up God in their style, not just in their lyrics. They also created their own instrument: jingle johnny, which is a rod used to stomp that has jingle bells and metal plates to be hit with a stick.

Come to Us O Lord

It’s raining outside and you’re studying, reading or dozing. You want to listen to some chill jams. Luckily, you stumble upon “Come to Us O Lord” by Young Oceans. Young Oceans is a neo-alternative worship project. They strive for hymn-like lyrics and a style that acts as a companion to prayer. Their music is deep, beautiful, and artistic.


This song will make you wonder if heaven’s music will be like this—big and pure. Israel Houghton is the worship leader at Joel Olsteen’s Church, the largest church in the United States. He goes by Israel and New Breed because of his music style that requires back up singers and choirs. He’s known for incorporating jazz and reggae and alternative rock into gospel-like music. Check “Hosanna” out and be left in wonder.

Broken Vessels

Hillsong is arguably the most famous music group in the Christian world—enough to where they have become a well-known name outside of the religious spectrum. Hillsong was born out of a church in Australia in the 1980s. They are spearheading Christian music by their intentional focus on worship that is used and mirrored in churches of all denominations. “Broken Vessels” includes much of Amazing Grace and amplifies the message therein.


NEEDTOBREATHE is an American Christian rock group from South Carolina. You know those bands you really like mainly because the lead singer has a unique voice? Yup, check them out right now. Their rhythm is both memorable and catchy.


If you’re familiar with Gungor (“Beautiful Things”, “I Am Mountain”, etc.), you’ll want to check out The Brilliance, because the lead singer is Michael Gungor’s brother. The Brilliance is developing a variety of styles, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the group is going for. Just know they heavily use the cello—which should be enough to have you check them out.

Abner is a sophomore studying theology.