Goldenrod Pastries to make College View a little sweeter

Discover College View’s newest eatery

Debbie Pinto

If you’ve made any coffee runs to The Mill this year, you may have noticed the shopping strip’s corner space is unoccupied. Many have wondered what type of shop will open up in this little corner and the answer begins with pastry chef and food stylist Angela Garbacz.

Garbacz is the business-owner behind the highly anticipated Goldenrod Pastries. Named after the Nebraska flower, Goldenrod Pastries started out as a blog and has evolved into the Goldenrod Pastries business that will be coming to our College View neighborhood.

Because Garbacz is intolerant to dairy herself, she uses her training in classic French pastry to specialize in pastries adjustable to any alternative dietary needs, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan lifestyles. Her menu will be well-rounded, featuring foods and drinks from around the United States.

“On a daily basis, there will be a cake option, cookies, and something to take on the run,” Garbacz explains. “I will also have pre-made cakes so you don’t always have to pre-order.”

Along with pastries, she will be importing tea from Bellocq, a New York tea company that offers a variety of international herbs. Chai, vegan candy bars, and granola are some sweet treats that will also be sold at the bakery.

Knowing that contemporary society appreciates the art of food and photography, Garbacz wants to create food that is “beautiful to look at. I want people to be able to take a picture of their pastry and look at something beautiful.” The Goldenrod Pastries website is an example of her vision and not only has a touch of modern minimalism, but also an array of stunning photography displaying delectable cookies, donuts, and other sweets.

Directly across from The Mill is Conroy’s Bakery, which already holds a special place in the College View community’s heart and bellies. Is Garbacz trying to replace them? Nope, not a chance.

“I think Conroy’s should stay around forever! Goldenrod focuses on alternative diet pastries,” she points out. “I want to offer something that can contribute to the community like them.”

When it comes to community, Goldenrod Pastries and Garbacz are in good company. Paper Kite, Pattinos, Tangled Up, and Select Style are all businesses run by pioneering female entrepreneurs and have made College View one of Lincoln’s premiere woman's shopping destination. Because of the close community and strong women entrepreneurship, the College View corner is an ideal location. When she saw the space was for lease, Garbacz immediately called only to find that it was already taken. Several months later when she found out the deal had not gone through, she was quick to grab it while she could. The rest is history.

Now she’s preparing for the grand opening in May. Garbacz gave some insider details as to what the bakery will look like, revealing there will be hints of white, pinks, and of course, gold. She will also have an open kitchen and tasting bar to provide an open and hospitable environment for her customers. Not to mention a high set counter, seating and WiFi for customers like us who want a pretty place to study.

She hopes to collaborate with Union in the future and will be partnering with a local gym to provide fitness enthusiasts healthy alternatives specific to their diets.

This highly anticipated bakery will hold its grand opening on May 16. Make sure to support Goldenrod Pastries and the other shops on this strip by shopping College View.

You ‘donut’ want to miss out on this sweet bakery!

Debbie is a junior studying elementary education.