Four nooks for hitting the books

How to find the right study spot on campus

Slade Lane

Distracted by a dirty room? Anxious from refreshing your fantasy football page? Annoyed at your roommate for playing your brand new copy of “Destiny” that you dropped $59.99 plus tax for (Come on Jordan, not cool bro!)? Studying in your room is not going to happen. Time to find the right study spot.

Before packing the books in your bag and heading to the dorm lobby where that awkward couple is cuddling, think about these other, more comfortable, options:

1. Outside

Winter is coming. With the air picking up a chill, the time is ripe to solve physics problems under the clock tower or read about baroque art while sprawled on a blanket in the shade. The disadvantage of the great outdoors is that they aren’t here for much longer, so get out there.

2. Inky’s

Quieter than the café, cleaner than your room. Located near the exit of the cafeteria, Inky’s provides a quick spot between classes to sit down, devour a snack and brush up on that upcoming quiz. Problems to look out for in Inky’s are the TVs and more cuddling couples. But if that doesn’t damage your concentration, grab a Snickers and try Inky’s.

3. Student Center

Couches, tables, snacks on hand—the student center offers a wide area and a comfortable environment, whether you’re focusing on fibromyalgia or analyzing Austen. Give the desk worker your ID card and claim one of the four study rooms. And don’t forget to catch the view from the overhang in the Atrium. Find some good tunes and try the student center, but beware the pool table. It could lead to absolute amusement . . . and failure.

4. Library

If you're looking for peace and quiet, this is the place. Employees even shush people for you, free of charge. Tables and desks are aplenty on both floors, and reference books, current magazines and study rooms are available for use. On top of all these resources, the library staff can help you find materials for your research project, or you can make an appointment for more specialized help. And they check out books!

In the lower level of the library you can find the Studio for Writing and Speaking. Student consultants are available to help you touch up your papers, generate ideas or prepare that persuasive speech on leeches. Not only is the Studio a great resource, but it’s also a great place to study. They offer some of the comfiest couches on campus, snacks on different nights and monthly special events geared towards the writer inside you.

Studying is no joke. Avoid the couples. Focus on fibromyalgia, not failure. Find the right spot for you.

Slade is a senior studying language arts education.