God is

Union College seeks to discover a great mystery

Abner Campos

You can’t limit God. To say He is one thing and one thing only is to make Him no greater than an idol. God is many things to many people.

If you have grown up with the idea that God is nothing but an intense Old Testament Tyrant and a sheep-holding New Testament Shepherd, you may want to allow yourself to expand your knowledge of who He is. Yes, God is intense, and I guess He does hold sheep. However, God is many things—both a warrior and a lover, as majestic as he is mysterious.

I asked some of our own Union students to answer the question “Who is God?” in one sentence. Here are their responses:

Harold Alomia, native of Peru and profound theologian replies, "God is, He simply is; the rest is just an attempt to add adjectives to Who He is."

Kimberly McNeilus, a senior business administration major and extreme sports enthusiast shared, “To me, I think of God as the Supreme Being, the Creator and Ruler of all that is, the Self-existent One who is perfect in power, goodness, and wisdom.”

Tyler Underwood, IRR major and avid hunter said, “God is my personal Heavenly Father, who rules over the entire universe with power, love and grace.”

Coty MacRae, a profound philosopher and Union alumnus, believes God is “the Ruler of Eternity, the creator of love, the One who commands us to love one another that we may be loved, and the greatest force of good in the universe.”

Kasondra Reel, an IRR and nursing major whose homeland is Guam, poetically expressed, “God is the warmth in a summer's breeze. He is the comfort of a mother's hug. He is the sincerity of a child's smile. He is the joy in a puppy's demeanor, and he is a forgiving Father who loves through anything.”

Buell Fogg, a brilliant human and Union’s associate chaplain, affirmed, “God is love at its highest source.”

Katie Dieter, a passionate math education major, said, “God is unchanging; He's my light through the bad and who I thank in the good.”

Jej Millanes, a musical freshman prophet, responded, “God is so much more than a god. I couldn't think of other words that speak of him but forever.”

Richard Young, assistant director of enrollment and one of my own mentors, noted, “I'll have to quote John, ‘Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.’"

Zach Posthumus, senior graphic design major and an art genius, stated, “God represents the epitome of creativity to me.  He is where I draw my inspiration and find the drive to be the most creative artist I can be.”

God is like a diamond, I see one side, you see the other--and thats just two of many perspectives. Even comparing Him to a diamond is tying Him down. I hope this article has been liberating to anyone who once saw God as limited.

All I know is that God is—

Abner is a sophomore studying theology.