Government 101

A throwback to high school government class

Naomi Prasad

What is Senate?

Do people actually know what goes on in the our school, or even in our U.S. government? These are a few student responses to the same question.

Colin King, who has been taking mostly theology classes replies, “It’s been a while since I took American Government.”

Sophomore communications major Aerlice LeBlanc explains senate as “A group of people that represent another group of people so that they can get stuff done but normally don’t.”

“A group of people that help pass—wait, do they pass laws?,” wonders social work major Adrienne Bohl.

“Students standing up for other students,” asserts Arizona native Rachel Carson.

“Oh gosh, senate. Senate is a dysfunctional system,” stated Nebraskan Arcelia Gomez.

“Senate… Can I look up the definition?” sophomore Larissa Bovee questions.

Clearly, we all need a little refreshing on who and what senate is. Google defines senate as “Any of various legislative or governing bodies, in particular.” has a few definitions of senate, but the one that made the most sense to me is the room or building in which such a group meets. All in all, senate is a group of people who help our society progress through passing laws.

In the United States of America, we have the U.S. Congress which are made up of representative and senators. Each state has a minimum of two senators regardless of population. I know all of you probably keep up with politics and know that our senators for Nebraska are republicans Deb Fischer and Mike Johanns. I Facebook stalked both of them and found some interesting things.

Both of them always dress up really nice, regardless if they are going into the cornfields, and for some reason the American flag has to be in most of the pictures. Fischer likes to post statuses about National Flag Day, the fact that May is beef month, and all the bills that are in process. Johanns seems to be heavily involved with media going on local TV shows and radio stations. Maybe that’s the reason has 2,000 more likes than Fischer.

Both senators seem to enjoy the company of students and love to talk about how to make Nebraska a better state. If you are interested in meeting them just go to either of their websites and schedule a visit.

Speaking of senators, where are ours? Well, if you didn't notice or you were passed out before the resident assistants came to your room, we voted on our senators.

Read next week’s article to find out all about who the new senators are.

Naomi is a sophomore studying chemistry and pre-med.