Huskers 101

Joe Hofmann


Sound familiar? If not, you might be spending too much time in the library, or you haven’t left campus yet. If it does sound familiar, that’s because you’re in Huskers country.

Nebraska may not be as busy or bustling as other major cities, but what it does have is the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. That means sports and academics, and, while you can cheer for your favorite mathlete, it just isn’t the same as being in a sea of Nebraska red on game day. If you’re unfamiliar with the Nebraska’s biggest sports team, let me fill you in with a some need to know information.

The Cornhuskers are a part of the Big Ten Conference, which is the oldest Division 1 collegiate athletic conference in the United States. Nebraska used to be apart of the Big 12 Conference but made the switch to the Big 10 in 2011. This was a big deal because Nebraska had been apart of the Big 12 Conference for over 100 years. Basically, it’s big. UNL got their name Cornhuskers from their school newspaper which ran the title “We Have Met the Cornhuskers and They Are Ours” which was in reference to a 20-18 upset Victory over Iowa in 1893.

As I mentioned earlier, when you go to a Huskers game, you’ll be in a sea of red. That’s because the team colors are scarlet and cream. Sometimes you will also see a fan sporting a black shirt with a helmet and crossbones on it. That symbolizes the black shirts, which is what the Huskers call their defensive players.

Laura Peterson, who is an avid Huskers fan, explains, “Being a Husker fan is all about a sense of community and tradition. Win or lose we all experience it together.” This tradition and sense of community even led ex-president George W. Bush to say that the Huskers had the greatest sports fans.

The Huskers have two mascots: Herbie Husker, who wears a red cowboy hat with a capital “N” on it, and Lil’ Red, who is childlike in appearance and wears a red hat to the side and looks like Fred Durst from the band Limp Bizkit.

Nebraska is most known for their college football team, and they have sold out every home game since November 3,1962. Overall, the Huskers have won five National Championships in football, with the last one coming in the 1997 season. Nebraska’s head football coach is Bo Pelini, and he hasn’t lost more than four regular season games per season in his time as head coach of the Huskers.

Sports are always a big part of our communities. A great way to meet new people and make new memories. Even though the Husker’s may not be your favorite sports team and football may not be your sport, it’s still important to stay in the know and be aware of what’s going on in your local community. Who knows, you might find yourself a few years from now cheering on the Huskers and screaming “Go Big Red!”

Joe is a senior studying nursing and pre-allied health.