One, four, eight

Getting out of Lincoln

Joe Hofmann

Cars, planes, trains and bikes. No matter what you used you probably used one of the aforementioned modes of transportation to get to Union College. Heck, you may have even walked (shout out to recent Union graduate Michael Rohm).

No matter how you got here, I’m sure you plan to leave at some point. Whether it’s for a holiday, three day weekend or to leave Union because you believe the grass is greener at a different Adventist college, it’s important to know where you can travel to and how long it will take to get there. So I came up with the “1-4-8 Rule”.

The numbers represent the hours that it takes to travel to certain areas. When I asked around Union, these were the typical hot spots that most Union College students traveled to:

1 hr. - Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is the closest major city to Lincoln and one that you will probably frequent if you haven’t already. Omaha is most known for it’s world famous zoo. The Henry Doorly Zoo has continually ranked as one of the top three Zoo’s in the country. Omaha, like Lincoln, also has a downtown area which has a cornucopia of shops and places to eat. On the way to Omaha you should stop by the Nebraska Crossing Outdoor Mall which was just recently opened.  

4 hrs. - Kansas City

Whether it’s on the Missouri side or the Kansas side Kansas City is one city you have to visit. Known for it’s blues and barbeque this Midwest city also has a few professional sports teams to watch. De’von Morris a senior history majors says “if you’re in Kansas City you have to try some of Kansas City’s Ollie Gates BBQ it truly is the best.” Kansas City is about four hours away from Lincoln so stopping in St. Joseph Missouri is ideal because it is about the half way point. You can fill up on gas, get something to eat and maybe do a little shopping or check out the Glore Psychiatric Museum.

8 hrs. -  St Cloud and Minneapolis Minnesota

Minneapolis and St. Paul, commonly referred to as the Twin Cities, comprise Minnesota’s largest metropolitan area and is home to many attractions such as Mall of America, the biggest mall in the country, and iconic fine arts centers such as the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and Guthrie Theater. Minnesota native Leasha Locati lists the Koma Zoo as one of her favorite attractions in St. Paul. “They have a nice flower garden to walk around and even have some baby monkey’s to see. Also it’s free!,” she says. Reward yourself mid-drive with a stop at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Factory in Le Mars, Iowa.

This rule will help you when you are deciding where you want to travel to. The numbers represent the hours that it takes to travel to a certain places. Obviously you may not want to go to the places I listed or you might have your own rule that you follow when you travel. But if you do decide to travel or you take a spur of the moment trip keep in mind the 1-4-8 rule you might find your new favorite travel destination.

Joe is a senior studying nursing and pre-allied health.