Putting your fashion foot forward

Fall 2014’s hottest trends

Katie Morrison

Nebraska has some bipolar weather, which sure is frustrating when deciding what to wear. As fall approaches and the temperatures start to drop, find out what trends are popular on the runway and use them for your closet!

Two words: ankle boots. Last fall these made a splash in fashion shows and on Pinterest. This year, it is no longer a suggestion. Ankle boots are versatile, classy, and comfortable. Instead of focusing on the lace-up biker versions, try the stylish Chelsea boot.

“My favorite piece for this season is a pair of army green Chelsea boots. I feel like they go with everything!” says Azriel Peckham, a senior nursing major. “I think if you’re going to splurge, a pair of cute ankle boots is a great way to go. They’re an easy way to make a simple outfit a bit more edgy.”

When people think of flannel, “lumberjack” might come to mind, but not this season! Flannel is super versatile and can be casual or dressy. Plus, the print works for more than just shirts. It’s great on jackets, accessories or even pants. (Disclaimer: for girls only. Sorry fellas, unless you’re a professional golfer, it’s best to steer clear of the tartan pant). Stop by American Eagle for some awesome button ups or swing by your local thrift store if you’re feeling vintage-y.

Converse must’ve made a killing this summer because pristine white fresh-out-of-the-box sneakers were everywhere. This gender-neutral trend is carrying over into the colder seasons as well. Additionally, standard sneakers have stood the test of time and demand to be recognized. No need to have hidden wedges or conform with those Jordans—branch out into a shoe that’s classic and functional.

“A trend I noticed on the West Coast is retro running shoes, like New Balance,” says Rod Stickle, a fashionable senior studying international rescue and relief. “They’re super comfy. They caress my feet like meat in a burrito, or salmon in sushi, or Jesus in the manger.”

Another tip: don’t be afraid to scuff your sneaks up! Clean and shiny has its place but the worn-in look gives the desired effect.

The sweater game is throwing it back. Fair Isle prints lead the pack as the most popular sweater this season. This trend, originating in Scotland and made popular by the Prince of Wales in 1921, is reminiscent of fisherman, cozy fireplaces and hot cocoa. Channel your inner Scandinavian by wearing your Fair Isle jumper with confidence.

Katie is a junior studying business administration.