Union College student senate gears up for the school year

Keep calm and know the senators are back in town

Naomi Prasad

You can get off the edge of your seats. Sit back and relax because we have officially named the students who will seat the Union College Student Senate! Put all your books away, take your last bite, sit down and read.

Announcing the men of senate!


3rd floor Zachary Johnson, 4th floor Gerry Mtike, 5th floor Keith Wade, 6th floor Cody Cowin and 7th floor Ryan Nelson.


2nd floor Dalton Brunot and 3rd floor Alex Leonor.

In the past, Rees Hall senators from the West wing were assigned one hall and represented anywhere from 50-80 girls whereas senators from the East wing represented 20-30 girls. This year, two senators will represent one hall in the West wing to lighten up the burden and strengthen the power.

Rees Hall East:

1st and 2nd floor Mahala Moxey, 3rd and 4th floor Judy Jean.

Rees Hall West:

2nd floor Shardae Sims and Jewel Janke, 3rd floor Briggitte Chavez and Natalie Bruzon, 4th floor Laryssa Schnell and Ashley Walker.

Last but not least, three senators will represent the village students.


Jonatan Rojas, Erin Schlenker and Kristina Hammer.

Senate has wasted no time in getting down to business and has already had its first meeting. They have appointed each senator to a committee, such as the Senate Rules Committee, the Social Committee and the Appropriations Committee just to name a few. They reviewed the ins and outs of being a senator like being punctual, using Facebook as a communication tool and set the standard by going over some of the Senate’s past accomplishments.

Naomi is a sophomore studying chemistry and pre-med.