Super couples give back

Stars using their powers for good

Katie Morrison

TomKat, Billary, Bennifer, and Kimye. We all know what these bizarre names represent. The shortened moniker for a celebrity couple means power, prestige, and popularity. But there are a few couples who haven’t let it go to their heads and actually make an effort to give back and promote the things that matter.

Brangelina: This one is obvious. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been in the spotlight for years. In spite of their ups and downs, Brangelina have managed to use their A-list status and seemingly endless supply of money to make the world better.

The couple founded the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. Immediately donating $1 million each to both Doctors Without Borders and Global Action for Children, the charity dedicated itself to eradicating extreme poverty and assisting in humanitarian crises all over the world. Since then, Jolie has received several awards (Citizen of the World Award, Goodwill Ambassador) as well as an Honorary Oscar for her humanitarian service.

StoneField: Although the nickname has yet to catch on, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield do not have that problem. Garfield took the coveted lead in “The Amazing Spiderman.” Emma co-starred as well, allowing their chemistry to shine on the big screen.

This couple has taken the persistence of paparazzi, one of the most negative aspects of fame, and created a powerful opportunity. After being spotted in a restaurant, StoneField exited the building covering their faces with cardboard signs. The handwritten message said, “Why not take this opportunity to bring attention to organizations that need and deserve it?” They listed the websites of several charities and wished everyone a good day. Props to these couples for using their fame for good!

Zakyka: This couple is well known and locally grown: Jessyka Albert and Zak Luke, Union College’s own Super Couple. Jessyka is essentially the student religious leader on campus. As the religious  vice president and Union for Christ (UFC) director, she works for both Campus Ministries and ASB. She also plans every single UFC vespers down to the tiniest detail and is working to bring the UFC blog back.

Zak Luke, the other half of Zakyka, is involved in different ways. He’s active in intramurals (he was captain for North America for World Cup), even with the mountains of homework his biomedical pre-med classes require.

“He volunteers at the Bryan West hospital in the ER every Saturday night from 6-8 and occasionally shadows in the ER on Fridays,” Albert says. “And he puts up with a stressed out Religious VP.”

That’s a feat in itself.

If you find yourself in the position to use your influence in a new and positive way (whether you’re single or in a relationship), go for it! You might work your name onto this very list.

Katie is a junior studying business administration.