These Warriors come out to play

Hannah “The Hammer” Gregerson

Derek Baker

They say all good things must come to an end. As summer comes to an end, so must this year’s 2014 -2015 Warrior volleyball season. I managed to talk with some of this year’s volleyball players about their experience.

Every sport has its fair share of challenges, and volleyball is no exception. When asked what the most challenging part of this year was, freshmen HHP major Hannah Woolever replied, “Adjusting to the new team. Every hitter has their sweet spot on the net, and communicating that to a new setter can be difficult. Having a comfortable relationship with your setter on the court is super important and we have been able to overcome the initial stiffness, and play better together as a team.” When asked about the most rewarding part of this season, Woolever replied, “Seeing the team grow as a whole. We have improved so much from the beginning of the season, and it really is satisfying to see hard work in practice pay off.”

Ashton Lair went to school just across the street at College View Academy. Now at Union, Lair discussed the differences between College and High School volleyball. “Volleyball was great in high school,” she said, “but college volleyball is an entirely different game. You have to be quicker—physically and mentally. The tempo is always fast and doesn’t slow down for a second.” When asked if she had any pregame rituals, Lair replied, “I don’t really have any pregame rituals, but I always try to review my fundamentals and pointers that coaches, past and present, have told me that stick out such as the next play is always the most important one.”

Every season consists of highs and lows. I caught up with Lindsay Fandrich, a sophomore Exercise Science major, and asked her about this year’s highlights. “I’d have to say that our best game was against Ozark. Ozark was full of amazing hitters and we just kept on digging. Everyone was on point that day, even me, the crippled benchwarmer. We didn’t win, but we took two sets 24-26, and it was fun to see how aggressive we were and how good we could actually be.”

No team would be complete without their captain, and one of this year’s co-captains is Kelsey Downey, a sophomore nursing major. “Being a captain means you are the person your team looks up to, on and off the court. They look at you and see how hard you work on the court, your attitude towards your teammates and coaches, and how hard you study. As a co-captain, I am a part of the head of the Warriors volleyball team, and it's my job to represent Union in a positive light.”

With seven games left, these Warriors look to finish the year strong. Two of these games are home games, so be sure to come out and support your UC Warriors!

Derek is senior studying business sport management.