The Pho Factory

Not your typical soup

Joe Hofmann

The stories that you make while you’re here are a large part of the collegiate experience, such as staying up all night writing that paper on the book of Daniel to making new friendships that last even after you’ve graduated and left Union College. Perhaps some of the greatest experiences involve  going out to eat with friends and trying new restaurants. One restaurant I recently visited with a group of friends was The Pho Factory. Located at 940 North 26th Street in Lincoln, The Pho Factory is a Vietnamese restaurant that specializes in Pho. Pho is a noodle soup that consists of broth, linguine-shaped noodles, herbs and meat on occasion.

The atmosphere at The Pho Factory is quiet with dimly-lit, low lights. The inside decor is very modern, and everything seems sharp and clean from the furniture to the way that the waiters are dressed. Having never been to The Pho Factory before, the waiters were very helpful with answering our questions and giving us recommendations on what some of the more popular dishes were.

Something positive about the Pho Factory that will appeal to the students at Union College are the vegetarian, vegan and meat options. The menu is very accessible and indicates the level of spiciness and if something is vegetarian, vegan or contains meat.

Having never tried pho before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. It came in a very large bowl, and they gave me chopsticks and a spoon to eat it with. The bowl that the Pho was in could easily be split between two people.

As for the Pho, I was confused at first on how you would eat it. Since pho is primarily broth, I wasn’t sure if I should begin by slurping it down or by diving right into the noodles and solids. Despite my hesitancy on how to eat the pho, it truly was delicious. The broth was smooth and non-spicy to my liking. The noodles were very thin and jumbled together to almost resembled a bird's nest. I wasn’t able to finish it all because of the large portion, but I was definitely happy to take home the leftovers.

Overall, I paid $13 for my meal, which included a water, two vegetarian egg rolls and a large bowl of chicken pho. My friends’ bills were similar, and we all agreed that this place would be one we’d like to eat at again and would recommend to other people.

Joe is a senior studying nursing and pre-allied health.