Local ice skating fun

Ditch the books and enjoy winter on ice

Joe Hofmann

The end of the fall semester is here, and that means cramming for final tests and exams, bringing out your cold weather clothes and participating in winter time activities. In addition to snowshoeing and sledding, you can take advantage of two great locations to go ice skating.

The two most popular places to ice skate in Nebraska are at the Railyard, located in the haymarket in downtown Lincoln, and in the old market in Omaha.

Ice skating in The Railyard is typically more convenient due to the fact that is so close to Union College. The rink is open to the public seven days a week and the Railyard is located in West Haymarket, just across the street from the Pinnacle Bank Arena. The Railyard’s rink typically opens beginning in December and remains open until February. Admission is free and only costs $9 for skate rentals.

The best place to ice skate in Omaha is the ConAgra Foods Ice Skating Rink located at 10th and Harney streets in Omaha. The rink is open to the public beginning December 12 through January 4. It costs $5 to get in, but that also includes skate rentals. The ConAgra Food Ice Rink also uses the money that they make and donates all of its profit to the Food Bank for the Heartland. From Sunday through Thursday they are open from 1 - 10 p.m., and on Friday and Saturday they’re open 1 - 12 p.m.

The end of the semester can be a stressful time, so try to get out when you can. Get some fresh air and do something fun with your friends. Who knows, you might find out that you’re the next Meryl Davis and Charlie White.

Joe is a senior studying nursing and pre-allied health.