Us the Duo's newest CD "No Matter Where You Are"

Husband and wife team make it big from Vine

Elena Cornwell

It was only three years ago that Michael Alvarado and Carissa Rae met and formed Us the Duo. Just this year they were signed to Republic Records following a skyrocket to fame thanks to Vine, where their six second song medleys won the hearts of over 4 million subscribers. Their most recent album “No Matter Where You Are” found itself #9 on the iTunes Pop Album Charts, and had the title song featured in the new movie “The Book of Life.”

I stumbled upon Us the Duo when I was binge-watching wedding proposal videos on YouTube. (Yes, sometimes I succumb to the cheesy happiness of the clips.) Their video was well done and really sweet, so I clicked over to another video on Alvarado’s channel, one of their first songs titled “Never Gonna Leave You.” From that moment I was hooked. I followed them on every social media outlet I was subscribed to, and they never disappointed.

I’d like to think I’ve been with them since the beginning. When they got their big break with Republic Records, then a tour with Oprah, followed by one of their songs being used in a major movie, I felt like a proud parent, as many young star struck fans do, observing their dreams come true. Us the Duo is incredibly talented, and seeing that genuine, unassuming talent rewarded is refreshing.

In “No Matter Where You Are,” Us the Duo takes listeners on a ride with a front row seat to their relationship. The title song was actually their wedding vows, written only a few weeks before their wedding. The transparency of what was basically their wedding song shows their love for their music and for each other.

Not all of their songs are happy and peppy though. Us the Duo explores the more difficult parts of a relationship, drawing from their experiences and what they have seen. Songs like “Final Bow” and “Heartbreak” somehow show the pain that comes with loving someone, but also learning how to move on with a new knowledge of life and themselves.

The sounds of Us the Duo are crisp and fresh. The two deliver beautiful, haunting and memorable harmonies that do more than their amazing lyrics. What makes them special, though, is their goofy, best friend demeanor. Every interview, every music video shouts their love for each other, their music and everyone they meet. Go ahead, look them up on YouTube and fall in love with Us the Duo.

Elena is a senior pursuing a personalized major.