Tour Guide Tidbits

Naomi Prasad

You just got to college. Amongst other realizations, you come to terms with the fact that your mom isn’t going to be packing your lunch and dinner isn’t going to be set out for you.

The endless food options here at Union can be a blessing, but they can also be a curse. The freshman 15 is real, and avoiding it can seem impossible. Try sticking to main meals and putting smart choices on your plate! Union Market offers a wide range of foods from the faithful waffle maker to the colorful salad bar. Union Market charges by weight, so it’s to your advantage to put each food item in a different bowl.

And for you men, it may be smart to befriend a lady by the end of the semester. Your meal plan will probably run out, and they may be willing to spot you.

Even before the freshman 15 becomes a reality, you might find an interest in the Larson Center. The Larson Center has a pool, sauna, and a cozy gym that are usually accessible until 10 p.m. (check their website for more information).Current students tend to groan and moan about the gym we have, but it’s the resource that matters and not the size, right?

When you’re not eating or working out, you might actually want to study. The Student Center is a popular hang out for socializing and doing homework. However, it is important to keep in mind that this spot is not a library, and students often get rowdy.

The Student Center includes Cooper’s Corner (a great go-to for study snacks), which gets a lot of action on weeknights, weekends, and the inevitable finals week. There’s also ping pong, a pool table, foosball and a mini basketball hoop to enjoy in your free time. The Student Center is also a hotspot because of its ginormous TV screen. Many students usually show up during big NFL or NBA games, so don't be surprised when you see people yelling, screaming, chanting or crying.

If homework needs to be done in solace and the Student Center has too much going on, the library is your best bet. There are study rooms located on the top and bottom floors of the library as well as computers to print out upcoming assignments. Some of the larger study rooms have white boards, which can be a great studying tool.

Most of the Associated Student Body (ASB) activities are held in the Thunderdome. One of the big events during the school year is club night for the business club. Big equipment like bouncy houses or bull rides are usually rented, and they fill up the whole space.

Have an urge to burn off some steam before bed? There is “Late Night” on most Tuesday and Thursday nights which consists of some pickup basketball. Those dates usually change as the year progresses. The gym also houses basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and most intramurals.  

The men's and women's dorm rooms are where most everyone will be living. Expect Rees Hall lobby to be filled with people, especially on weekends. Just remember, just because you and your significant other don't mind a little PDA does not mean that it is okay. Nobody actually wants to see that.

Please, keep your hand wandering to a limit. Get creative and plan actual dates (outside of watching Netflix every Saturday night).

This guide does not include a lot of other great places on campus, but these few are sure to get new students comfortable and aware of their surroundings. Union College has great things to offer, so venture out and make your own memories.

Naomi is a junior studying chemistry and pre-med.