10 Date Ideas Under $10

Or maybe a few dollars more

Debbie Pinto

You did it! You finally asked your crush out on a date. But oh no. You realized your pocket is pretty empty after paying that first school bill and buying that large stack of textbooks. Don’t worry, you can still take your crush on a quality date without ending the night with an empty bank account. Here’s a little guidance and a pinch of creativity that will send you well on your way to the best date ever. Here are ten date ideas under $10 (or maybe a few dollars more) that could win your crush over.

1. Read Children’s Books at Indigo Books: Stop by Indigo Bookstore at the Haymarket and read your favorite children’s books. Don’t be afraid to use silly voices for different characters.

2. Movie Night at Pioneers Park: While it’s still warm outside, grab your laptop, snacks, and some blankets and watch a movie under the stars at one of Lincoln’s biggest parks!

3. Sheldon Museum of Art and Ice Cream Sculptures: Feeling artsy? For a total of free ninety-nine you can take your artsy crush to the Sheldon Museum of Art on UNL’s campus. Afterwards, buy a half-gallon box of ice cream and show off your creativity side by sculpting the ice cream into anything you want.

4. Puppy Love: Nothing can melt the heart more than a fluffy puppy. Pass by the Pet Doctor or the Capital Humane Society to play with puppies for a bit. You must be 19 or older so make sure to bring your ID.

5. $1 Puzzles: Buy $1 puzzles from the Dollar Tree and go to your favorite spot in Lincoln.

6. $2 Roller Skating: Show off your skating moves on Wednesdays at Skate Zone for only $2. Rental quad skates are $1 and inlines are $3. You’ll be making moves in no time.

7. Hammock at Wilderness Park: During the colder months, grab a hammock, a couple hot drinks from the Mill, and head on over to Wilderness Park. You’ll find peace in this crisp forest found on the outskirts of Lincoln. It’ll be a date filled with nature and good conversation.

8. Bake and Doorbell Ditch: Pick your favorite cookie flavors, bake them (if you don’t have a kitchen, the girls’ dorm has one) and doorbell ditch them at a place where you know a friend or family member could benefit from it!

9. Open Mic Night at Crescent Moon: Thursday’s at 7pm listen to Lincoln’s local talent while enjoying a beverage from Crescent Moon. The cozy atmosphere, board games, and shelves of books are a great setup for a relaxing evening.

10. Adventure Center Mini Golf: There’s no better way to have fun then to bring in some friendly competition. It doesn’t sum up to exactly $10, but $5.50 a person can get you a good time at Adventure Center Mini Golf on 48th Street.

There’s a lot of room for creativity on low budgets dates. Most importantly, be yourself and do something that shows off your personality. Have fun!

Debbie is a senior studying elementary education.