Cops on campus keeping crime down

Graci Escobar

In the news lately, police have not been cast in their best light. The murders of unarmed civilians have been piling up, corrupt and violent cops exposed and a general distrust has begun to creep in. But what about the cops who live on campus with us? Do they cause more harm than good?

In cases such as Walter Scott or Freddie Gray, unarmed men who were killed by police, it is evident that the officer(s) was in the wrong. These are extreme cases, egged on by racial profiling and sensationalized by the media. While they do draw attention to important issues, they also shed a bad light on the average cop.

We have a Lincoln Police Department substation located on the Northeastern corner of the Rees Hall, near the Krueger Center. Their purpose is to be available more quickly in case of crisis in the College View area and surrounding community. You can regularly see a few of their squad cars parked behind and around Rees Hall.

While we have our own campus security, whose presence greatly decreases local crime, they are required to call the police in case of criminal activity. According to, the substation and Campus Security have helped to decrease crime on campus by almost 90%.

Between now and March of this year, there have been only three crimes on campus, one of them being a missing light bulb from one of our memorials. When students were asked how they felt about having the substation on campus, the reply was generally positive.

“I definitely feel safer seeing all the cop cars around… except when they almost run me over,” said Brittany Thacker, a nursing student.

“Well, knowing there are people there ready to help makes me feel fairly safe,” Kyle Dahms, a sophomore IRR major chimed in.

While cops in the news haven’t been doing their job, can we be confident here on campus knowing we have backup in case of an emergency. Just make sure you don’t speed.

Graci is a junior studying english.