Letter from the editor

Natalie Bruzon

Here’s the question of the week: What’s with the new Google email?

When I got the notice email from IS telling me to go reset my password and check out my new email, I groaned.

Who actually needs another email address to check? As if Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, personal email, and texts aren’t enough.

This brings the question, why? What does Google Apps for Education give us that we don’t already have?

Here are some facts that helped me understand this transition a little better.

You have to change your Portal password. Go to Portal, then Self-Service, personal, account info, and change your password. This will change your password for everything school related.

Google Apps for Education gives you unlimited storage for everything from thousands of photos and PDFs to Google Docs files and Word documents. Back up your computer on here to ensure you’ll never lose anything ever again.

You now have everyone’s email address. I can’t tell you how many wasted hours I’ve spent hunting down people’s emails. This makes everything easier, as we now have it at our fingertips.

Sharing docs with classmates (and professors) has become so easy, it’s a dream. No longer do you have to jot down email addresses, only to realize you put a “b” instead of a “v” and that’s why they weren’t able to do their part of the assignment. Sharing a Google Doc is as easy as typing their name in—their email address comes up automatically.

You can connect your email to your phone. If you already have the gmail app, just add an account and your phone will automatically notify you when you get an email. If you don’t, then download it. If you don’t have a smartphone, you’re unhelpable.

This new email address seems like a hassle, but just take a few minutes to get it set up right and you’ll realize it’s actually awesome.

Natalie Bruzon, Editor-in-Chief