Why we should #LoveUC

Graci Escobar

You’ve seen it written on t-shirts, hashtagged on Instagram and announced proudly in chapel. We all know this year’s Associated Student Body theme is #LoveUC, but how will it affect our ASB team and events? I sat down with president Drew Mekelburg to find out.

When asked why #LoveUC was chosen, Mekelburg had a clear answer.

“Union has always been known for it's friendly atmosphere. We, as an ASB team, decided it would be really cool to try and take that one step further,” he said. “We’d love to see students trying to show the love of Christ to one another and build on that atmosphere of community.”

The idea is a good one, but how will this actually happen? With class schedules, piles of homework and jobs, is it really possible for us as a student body to show we love each other? Hardly fazed, Mekelburg described his plan.

“We are going to host a few opportunities around campus where we'll have specific days to encourage students to show appreciation for each other, such as having ‘pay it forward’ moments like at a restaurant. Clubs will have the opportunity to help host events and really get their members involved as well.”

Along with creating an encouraging atmosphere, Mekelburg mentioned that we’ll be seeing ASB at more school events, such as at athletics and drama or music productions.

“We really want to encourage students to attend these other events, specifically Saturday nights, so everyone can feel supported around campus.”

And, he ultimately hopes our campus won’t be the only one benefitting from a more loving atmosphere.

“Well that is really the ultimate goal of this whole thing. We really believe that if we can create this atmosphere around here it will overflow into the community. It may start as doing simple things like picking up trash, paying it forward or even just praying with someone,” Mekelburg stated hopefully.

“With things like Project Impact, we really want students to go back to the places they visited,” he shared. “Not make it just a four hour thing, but a weekly or monthly occasion.” Mekelberg hopes Union sees this as a way to leave a memorable impact not just on campus, but also in the community.

Graci is a junior studying english.