Freddy’s food joint joins the neighborhood

Graci Escobar

Down 48th street next to our local CVS, you may have noticed some construction taking place. While the traffic may be burdensome, the surprise awaiting us will be well worth the wait. Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers will soon have its first Lincoln location.

Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Freddy’s may be a chain restaurant, but a small one; it only has 150 locations nationwide. Known for its custard and burgers, this lesser known franchise has a retro 50’s diner theme: red vinyl and chrome accents included.

Juan Rodriguez and Evan MacEwen, Kansas City natives, shared their thoughts on the new opening. Think you’ll be left out of the loop if you don’t eat beef? Vegetarians also have something to be excited about.

“The fries are super thin and good,” Rodriguez commented. And, their meat-free burger option is complete with a black bean burger and signature Freddy sauce. In Rodriquez’s opinion, “Their veggie burger is amazing!”

MacEwen raved about the classic theme and the custard. “The diner theme is nice. I would say it’s kind of similar to a Steak and Shake. Their custard is good, like, really great. I would definitely recommend getting that or the shakes.”

What’s the difference between custard and ice cream, you may ask? While they are both dairy-based frozen desserts, custard has a more creamy, thicker and smooth texture. Ice cream will always be near and dear to our hearts, but that doesn’t mean custard can’t be a close second. With flavors like Chocolate Brownie Delight and Dirt n’ Worms, you’re sure to have plenty of options at Freddy’s.

Also be on the lookout for more options to join the list of fast food chains in Lincoln. Within a year, more restaurants are set to open up including Krispy Kreme and Chik-Fil-A. While this may mean more traffic during rush hour, this construction is a sign of promising growth in our city.

Graci is a junior studying english.