Aldi to arrive in Lincoln

Megan Bolton

Aldi is coming to Lincoln! You probably just had one of two reactions: “What’s Aldi?” or “Yay!” For those of you who said “Yay!”, I’m right there with you. For the rest of the you raising an eyebrow, let me explain.

Aldi is a discount, generic brand grocery store. When I say discounted, I mean $1.50 for a box of cereal or a pint of yogurt--I mean cheap. And it’s not cheap because it’s rotten or defected, it’s cheap because Aldi works to make it cheap.

As a generic brand grocery store, many of their products don’t have a brand name on them. You might go into an Aldi and see a box of cereal that looks suspiciously like Cheerios. Plot twist: it is Cheerios - without the brand name! Aldi is just sells unmarked versions of the foods you already love at a low price.

On top of the amazing prices, Aldi is very environmentally conscious. Food is displayed in the bulk box it arrived and the store encourages customers to bring reusable bags and use them or empty boxes to haul their purchases. In fact, customers are charged $0.25 if they want to use one of Aldi’s shopping carts.This might seem annoying and confusing but, simply put, they’d have to pay someone to retrieve the carts from the parking lot. By cutting their operation costs they’re able to keep their prices low for their customers!

The German chain will open it’s doors to Lincoln this October in the South Pointe mall with more information on their second location soon to follow. I highly recommend checking them out as soon as available, because Aldi is not just any grocery store, it’s a shopping experience.

Megan is a junior studying communication.