Reflections from ASB presidents

We have come to another close of another great year.

How wonderful it has been to be your president this year. I have only a few words to leave with you, my dear friends. This year has been a blessing, primarily because of the bonds of friendships I have witnessed sprout upon our campus.

Yes, ASB has done many events that were new and exciting but what truly remained was relationship. I hope you remember that no man or woman is an island. We need each other. Our feelings may get hurt, but we must always remember to set aside pride for the sake of relationship. I pray that we may continue to learn how to live in harmony with the diversity God has richly blessed us with.

It’s not enough to simply be; we must be proactive with unity. May we not classify each other but truly aim to understand our fellow brothers and sister from any walk of life because we would expect the same done to us.

Saying goodbye is a little hard, but here is my final admonition to you as president: “Carry yourselves in such a way that when the people of the world are sitting, you will be standing, and when the people of the world are standing, you will be outstanding, and when the people of the world dare to be outstanding, you will be the standard that begins to change the part of the world that you are in.”

Be great. I love you all.

David Kabanje is a senior studying theology, and outgoing ASB president

Union College family, I’m incredibly honored to serve as your Associated Student Body president for this upcoming school year. As you all know, Union College is a unique place. It’s a source of pride not only for us as students, faculty and staff, but also for our alumni and the entire Lincoln community.

Although many things make Union so special, two always come to mind: family and home.

When you step on Union’s campus, a sense of familiarity and belonging is immediate. This is the feeling of family Union is so good at creating and incorporating into everyday campus life. One of the joys of being part of the Union College family is never having to go far to find a warm smile, even on the coldest day. It always brightens my day when I hear from one of our sister schools how warm and friendly our students are and how that makes it a such a joy to visit our campus.

Naturally, because of the family you develop, Union becomes home. Union is a safe place for students to find themselves and develop into who they really are. Because of this environment and the mentorship provided by the wonderful faculty and staff, every student is enabled to find God’s path. Home is a place of belonging, something everyone can find here.

As ASB President, it's my goal to ensure Union continues to remain a family and everyone feels at home. My job as ASB President is not to go by my own agenda, but to listen to the voices of the students and fight for what we need.

Being the voice and ears of the student body is why I serve, ensuring that every student who attends Union College is able to experience the spirit and community found here. To our incoming and returning students, I look forward to seeing each and every one of you and welcoming you with open arms to what I call home. I truly hope everyone who attends our great school wants to go back to Union again, “the college in the West.”

Anthony Gann is a junior studying business administration, and incoming ASB president

Letter from the incoming editor-in-chief

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in life is to make plans knowing none of them will happen. If you had ever asked if I was planning on running a student newspaper, I would have laughed.

In fact that’s exactly what happened when I was first asked if I was applying to be The Clocktower Editor-in-Chief. Not in a cynical way, but in a “I couldn’t possibly do that” kind of way.

However, good friends, mentors and the subtle leadings of God have a way of putting us on paths we didn’t see ourselves capable of walking.

I’m beyond excited for the year to come.

The year ahead will be one of growth. In the words of my predecessor Emily from her incoming letter, “I’ll make plenty of mistakes as editor-in-chief. Please forgive me in advance. But know that each article and issue produced is done with you, the students and readers, in mind.”

Please forgive me in advance for the small typos I miss, the occasional error in the details and the moments I bite off more than I can chew.

It’s my mission and vision to bring you a publication that unites us together as students, peers and children of God.

May the next year be one of the best we ever have.


Gabriel Flechas

P.S. If you have an interest in joining us on this journey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m happy to answer questions. You can email me personally, fill out the form on squirrel hub and/or send an email to I’d love to have a conversation!

Gabriel Flechas is a sophomore studying Business Administration and Engineering Studies

Gain a friend

Less than a week of school left and like most students, I'm kind of freaking out, like, a lot.  

The past few weeks I've been spending a lot of time stressing over my classes, plans for the summer/ next year, finishing up worship credits and trying to figure where to store my entire dorm room.

Personal devotions have been few and far between, unfortunately.

My mind is just as stressed as my body in thinking of all the things that need to still get done. I just need to vent to someone other than my friends.

Thanks to Union, I have that option.

A couple years ago, Campus Ministries started a program called Heartscan.  Heartscan isn't a type of cardiac monitoring, but it's a special program for a student to meet with a faculty mentor and talk about life, family, and God.

I love this program so much.

Over the semesters I’ve been involved, I’ve bounced around meeting with a couple of different faculty mentors. But, the fall of my sophomore year, I found one that clicked.

Now, having gone three semesters strong, she is one of my best friends and strongest supporters.

She encourages me as I figure out big decisions in my life, listens when I've had a really good week, and loves to hear about how my relationship with God is going.

Union is an awesome school and has a special place in my heart. Opportunities for one-on-one relationships with people that lead me closer to God are my favorite part.

I would never trade the experiences I have with my mentor for anything.

Take a moment and find a person that really challenges you spiritually while encouraging you to be you. Find a mentor and gain a friend.

Kasondra Reel is a junior guest writer studying nursing.