Bread to be Grateful For

Derek Baker

 How would you like to eat at a restaurant that takes you back to your childhood? One that incorporates Toy Story, Land Before Time, and the records your dad used to woo your mom?

 If you said yes, then I’ve got the place for you. Grateful Bread is the name, vegetarian soups, macaroni, and scones is the game. This local gem creates some of the most amazing dishes in Lincoln. From Asian Mushroom Ginger soup to Greek and Thai macaronis. Throw in a warm cheddar parmesan and dill or banana chocolate chip scone, and you're good to go.

 Right when you walk into this establishment, you'll fall in love with the quirky decor, plastic dinosaurs, and plethora of Mr. Potato heads watching you as you eat. If that doesn't get you, let the box of records and turntable take you away.

 This hot spot is located at 1625 South 17th  Street, with free street and behind-the-building parking. Grateful Bread also features a rotating menu which is updated weekly via Facebook. One week will be Sante Fe Chowder, Sweet Potato Cheddar, and Moroccan Tomato soup and the next will be a Cambodian Tomato, Jamaican Coconut Lentil, and Thai Peanut soup--the possibilities are endless!

 Keep in mind, Grateful Bread accepts cash and checks only. The soups and pasta dishes range from $7.00 to $9.00, and the scones are about $1.25 to $3.00 dollars each pastry, followed by a  wide assortment of bottled sodas ranging from $3.00 to $4.00 a pop. They’re open at different times and days, so be sure to check their Facebook before you go (The Grateful Bread staff have been on vacation for the past two weeks now, but will be open again September 3 in anticipation of a busy fall season).

So this November, take it from the Grateful Dead and  “put your money where your love is.” Tell them Derek sent you, then get the broccoli cheddar macaroni, a bottle of coke, and a cheese scone. Don't worry about bringing your own sriracha--they’ve got you covered.

Derek is senior studying business sport management.