Coffee Shop Studies

Emily Wood

It’s 6 p.m. on a Thursday night, the Student Center and library are full, your roommate won’t stop watching the latest episode of “New Girl” on full volume (who can blame them?), and you need a place to escape into anatomy notes. Next stop: a coffee shop.

While Starbucks is the stereotypical venue for espressos and lattes, Lincoln’s locally owned cafés provide more than your average cup of joe.

First on the list of caffeine fixes in Lincoln is a classic: The Mill. Conveniently located directly across campus, The Mill is a hotspot for studying students. Aside from serving the usual teas and coffee, they also offer homemade snacks with gluten-free and vegan options. Plus, they make a mean Italian soda.

Next up is one of my personal favorites, Crescent Moon Coffee. Known for its unique atmosphere, Crescent Moon is a perfect study spot if you crave a relaxing, beatnik feel. “It’s literally like stepping into a place where the essence of time has been unsurpassed by community and passion for the arts,” said Stefani Leeper, a sophomore communication major.

Located underground at 140 N. 8th Street #10, Crescent Moon serves a diverse array of drinks and food options. They also offer live entertainment (see below) nearly every night of the week.  

Looking to drown your sorrows from chemistry class with mountains of spinning vinyl records? Head over to Cultiva on 727 S. 11th Street for loud music and a strong brew. Their constantly changing coffee selection and made-to-order crepes ensure you won’t leave unsatisfied.

If the bustle of students and music leaves you seeking a quiet alternative, The Coffee House sits at 1324 P Street and is perfect for muted concentration. Their friendly staff are ready to serve from 5:30 a.m to 11:00 p.mideal for late night or early morning cram sessions. And, if you’re looking for the best chai tea latte in town, rumor has it The Coffee House is the place to go.

Next time you’re looking for a place to spend your Sunday afternoon, quench your thirst at one of these speciality cafés. You won’t be disappointed.

Emily is a sophomore studying communication.