Eat Like A Sultan

Abner Campos

Most college students eat out several nights a week, and Union College’s students are no exception. Union College students typically eat at D’Leon’s, Red Robin, Chipotle, Village Inn, Raising Cane’s, and Taco Bell.

Here’s the thing, these restaurants can get old. Chipotle’s beans can become mediocre, De Leon’s greasy burritos could wreck your stomach, Red Robin isn’t always fast enough, pies from Village Inn don’t always make sense, and Taco Bell isn’t very special. Raising Cane’s does hit the spot--I’m not going to lie, but the place that consistently hits the spot is The Sultan’s Kite. As I have grown up and gotten bored of the same foods, exploring Mediterranean food and allowing it to invade my life has been the best of experiences.

 On O Street in downtown Lincoln, sandwiched between Subway and Duo Shoes is a small, family owned Mediterranean Grill called The Sultan’s Kite. The menu features all the classics: chicken shawarma, gyro, kofta kabob, falafels--you name it!

  I remember the first time I stood in line at the small restaurant, with Mediterranean aroma sneaking its way into my nose and my eyes widening at the sight of food I anticipated to be good. My heavenly moment was paused when I looked up at the menu of four chalkboards--I was so confused. Let me save you from confusion.

 First you choose your “style”: pita bread, wrap, rice bowl, or salad. Second, you choose your meat. Third, sauce. Lastly, the extra. Extras include pita and hummus, potato wedges, soup, sauce, a drink, or baklava, a Middle Eastern pastry. Follow this guide and your heavenly moment will not need a pause.

With all the menu’s variety, it’s easy to find something to love, even if exploration isn’t your thing. For example, I’m not into spice. Luckily, The Sultan’s Kite is both creative and considerate enough to have three different cucumber (tzatziki) sauces: mild, medium, and hot. If you go and don’t get cucumber sauce on your food, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Even our ASB President, Debbie Pinto, affirms, “The chicken gyro with the mild sauce is yummy, give it a shot!”

If you’ve grown tired of your usual restaurants, give The Sultan’s Kite a try. There’s a little something for everyone.

Abner is a sophomore studying theology.