Forget the Caddy and Learn to Frolf

Kyle Berg

Looking for long fairways without the strict dress code? A gentleman’s game without the expense? If the above questions pique your interest, there is an answer: Frolf.

Frolfing, or frisbee golfing, is the up and coming pastime of Union College students. At the affordable price of $7.99 per disc (purchased at your local Play it Again Sports), the only requirements left are bro tanks and jean cutoffs.

Lincoln offers two exquisite, vastly different courses to play on. If you want a place to bike to and play all 9 holes in around 20 or 30 minutes, Tierra Park meets those needs.

The course, primarily wooded, can be played with a mid-range and a putter. Beginners and veterans beware—the first two holes have water hazards close by. Take it from me: Swimming for discs is not a good time.

A good knowledge of the Tierra Park course is vital to the enjoyment of your game, as this wooded course is quite dense. If you don’t know where the basket is, then it is difficult to know where to aim your disc. However, if you are feeling adventurous, give it a good haphazard throw. May the odds be ever in your favor.

The second course, and my personal favorite, is Max E. Roper Park. This 27-hole course is located 20 minutes from campus off I-180. Roper Park requires a driver, mid-range and putter, as many of the holes are located 350 feet or more from the tee. There is a small water hazard that is heavily treed, so try not to lose your disc there. Fear not though, the lost can be found. I, and many other frolfing enthusiasts, have waded through the dark water to retrieve discs so dear to us. I recommend giving yourself at least an hour and half (depending on your group size) to play all 27 holes.

So if you want to enjoy a nice Arnold Palmer and forgo the polo, frisbee golf is the sport for you.

Kyle is a senior studying language arts education.