Fresh style on a slim budget


Vernée Norman

Keeping up with Kimye’s stylish wardrobe is unlikely on a college student’s budget, but Lincoln’s second hand stores provide some reasonable options for keeping yourself looking snazzy and your love interest, well, interested. Here are my top three to get you started if you haven't already.

Home & Closet | $-$$$ | 1356 S. 33rd St.

Recommend by a coffee shop acquaintance, Home & Closet has steadily nudged its way into my closet and politely drained my wallet. This welcoming shop sells brand new, brand name vintage finds at considerably low prices. As the name suggests, you can find both clothing and furnishings at this store with coffee and delicacies coming soon. Like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their merchandise.

Goodwill | $-$$ | 4555 Vine St.

Good thrifting requires disciplined standards and patience, but this Goodwill will forgive you if you're having an off day. As the largest Goodwill in Lincoln, this location has a frequent item turnover and easy finds. It participates in rotating sales with other Goodwills in town like Dollar Days and the 10 for $10 clothing sale, which are especially rewarding when you stumble upon them accidently. Calendars with the sales at all of Lincoln’s Goodwills are available at each store.

Plato’s Closet | $-$$$ | 2525 Pine Lake Rd.

Plato’s buys, sells, and trades clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. I go here first when the season changes and I’m looking for basic must-haves and fun additions. Plato’s devotes a large section of their store to jeans, ladies, so stop by if you're looking to add a new statement item to your wardrobe.

Other worthy mentions include Ruby Begonia’s, the Goodwill on 56th St., Penny Lane, and The Black Market.

As you set out to style and save, pay attention to what each store has to offer to help you plan for future trips. I hope you have the opportunity to explore the Capital City’s second-hand stores and enjoy using them to enhance your style as much as I do. Happy thrifting!

Vernee is a senior studying a second language and a personalized major.