Local Lincoln Legislature

Rudy Rodriguez

How do young college students have fun while getting politically involved at the same time? They keep their eyes to the sky and gaze upon Lincoln’s state Capitol building, of course.

Bills are presented daily by local senators, and the topics change daily and sessions free and open to the public. To get involved, stop by Lincoln’s downtown courthouse after 1:30 p.m., pop a squat, and witness political history unfolding before your eyes.

If sitting down and watching isn’t your thing, you’re more than welcome to present your testimony on the bill. Nothing screams young angst louder than debating people much older than you on political issues.

College students need to be more in-tune with political issues. In the next few years, all of us will be living in the real world and real world issues will be staring us in the face. So why not start learning in a way where you can get your voice heard? Put on your thinking cap and try local legislation out for spin.

To find more information on what types of bills are being presented, go to the Nebraska Legislature website.

Rudy is a sophomore communication and social science education major.