No Car, No Problem

Jordan Leddy

If you’re without a car, gas money or friends to hitch a ride with, you need to know your options. Luckily, a short walk is all you need to reach the variety of businesses and venues set up right next to Union.

Directly across the street on Prescott and 48th Street is The Mill, a coffee and tea shop frequented by many Union students. Stop by for your caffeine fix, or use their free wifi and calm atmosphere to study.  

Head south on 48th and you’ll arrive at Taco Inn, a personal favorite of mine. This Mexican fast food restaurant won’t disappoint. They offer a different daily special at excellent prices. I grew up eating Taco Inn, and I’ve never outgrown my craving for spicy burritos. Tori Leddy, Union College biomedical science major, offers her recommendations: “I’m always torn between choosing the veggie burritos and steak tacos every time. I think about it a lot.”

If ground beef and refried beans don’t sit well with you, try DaVinci’s or Mr. Lee’s. DaVinci’s brings the fancy Italian restaurant to a more intimate setting—which is perfect for a date night when the wallet’s tight, especially when you can’t drive further out. Mr. Lee’s is a newer addition, bringing much-needed Chinese food close to campus. You’ll be surprised how much food you get for under $10, and their orange chicken is on point. Their newly-expanded drink menu introduces new boba teas available in plenty of flavors.

A great getaway spot to stop and enjoy God’s nature or regain your sanity (or sometimes both) is Holmes Lake. About a mile down Calvert to the east is a dead-end street with a fence. Use this entrance to enjoy some time in the park, which offers 122 acres of outdoor green space. The trail is great for jogging or just a stroll, and you’ll find volleyball courts, fields for playing ball, playgrounds and more than a few perfect picnicking spots.

My first two years at Union were two years without a vehicle of my own, but even now that I have a ride I will still testify to some of these nearby gems. So next time you have money to spend on Mexican food but not on gas, call me up. We’ll find a feast within walking distance.

Jordan is a senior studying psychology.