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The Clocktower, established in 1927 and sponsored by the Associated Student Body of Union College, is published weekly during the fall and spring semesters.

The opinions expressed are the opinions of the writers and are not to be construed as the opinion of the editors, Associated Student Body, Union College, or the Seventh-day Adventist Church.



Editor-in-Chief (Gabriel):

Gabriel Flechas is a Junior studying business administration (finance) and engineering studies. After completing his business degree at Union in two years, he is planning to continue studying engineering in his home state— Colorado. He is passionately curious about loves learning about anything he’s not familiar with.

Assistant Editor (James Clague):

James Clague is a junior studying computing, mathematics and engineering studies. James was raised free-range and non-GMO in Longmont Colorado. Pining for the mountains, or at least a real lake, he spends his days lamenting the plight of the Nebraskan flatlanders and making poor life decisions regarding how much Netflix is too much Netflix. He really likes spreadsheets.



Copy Editor (Jonathan Deemer):

Jonathan Deemer is a junior studying international relations and business administration. Born and raised in Lincoln, Jonathan plays on the basketball team and enjoys staying active on the college campus and in the local community. After graduation, he plans to attend law school.


Head Layout Designer (Maegan Luckiesh):

Maegan Luckiesh is a senior studying graphic design and currently has a degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations. Maegan was born in Michigan but claims Cali as home. She loves hanging out with friends, roller coasters, and singing along to Disney songs.



Assistant Layout Designer (Katie Buxton):

Katie Buxton is a sophomore studying business administration with an emphasis in marketing. Upon graduating, she hopes to pursue a career in event planning. Katie originally hails from the small-town of Atlanta, Georgia but her family has lived in Israel for the past six years. She is a lover of adventures, people, sarcasm, and joy.

Social Media Editor (Chloe Blackburn):

Chloe Blackburn is a senior studying business administration with an emphasis in marketing. Born and raised in Colorado, she loves all the crazy adventures that her home state has to offer such as running, skiing, hiking and climbing. She also loves doing art projects and spending time with the people she loves! Upon graduation she hopes to do something super cool but doesn’t have anything nailed down yet.



News Editor (Danica Eylenstein):

Danica Eylenstein is a senior studying communication with an emphasis in emerging media and a minor in English. She’s a born and raised Jersey girl, but life in the Midwest has grown on her over the past few years–although she’ll still take the shore over the cornfields any day! She (almost) never leaves home without her planner and thrives on staying busy. She enjoys traveling, cooking, good books and the occasional nap. If you want to be her friend, start a conversation about any one of her favorite things– peach tea, Gilmore Girls, or rottweilers.

Humans Editor (Ria Carriger):

Ria is a senior History major from here in good ‘ole Lincoln. She loves books, video games, cooking, and has a soft spot for corgis. She hopes to one day be in politics as the female Frank Underwood - or working for a non-profit.



Opinion Editor (Max Bromme):

Max is a sophomore from Florida studying business administration and international relations. He enjoys playing the piano, reading, and hanging out with friends. He has no idea what he wants to do after college.


On-Campus News Writer (Kayla Miller):

She is from Frederica, Delaware, but lived in Allentown, Pennsylvania for 11 years before. She loves going to the beach, riding horses, swimming, camping, and doing basically anything outdoors. Kayla is a nursing major with the intent to earn her doctorate in nursing practice in midwifery after graduation. Her hope is that one day she will be able to use her acquired skills to serve in underdeveloped countries.



Local News Writer (Caroline Guchu):

Caroline Guchu is a junior studying communication with an emphasis in public relations. She is a Kansas City native but has been calling the corn fields of Lincoln home for three years now. She can be found laughing with friends or reading a book when she is not taking a nap. Caroline enjoys binge watching Bob’s Burgers, trying new foods and she can always be spotted with coffee in one hand and Hot Cheetos in the other.

World News (Jesse Shoghi):

Jesse Shoghi is a junior studying computer science. He loves backpacking along the coast and in the mountains of his home state of California, and can frequently be found hammocking or running along the trails near his home near Napa Valley. While the outdoors may call him regularly, the indoors also have their appeal, with reading and other fantasy related pursuits taking up many a weekend.


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HOUC (Mike Ayala):

Mike Ayala is a senior studying business administration with an emphasis in marketing. He loves movies, music, and traveling. Originally from Florida, but depending on who you ask some might say he is a Texan. He loves getting to know new people and their stories.

Collegiate Culture Writer (Amanda McCarter):

Amanda McCarter is a Junior pre-med Biomedical Science major with a minor in English.  Although in love with Oregon, she has ventured far to learn more about the exotic wonders of Nebraska as she pursues her degree.  Amanda’s interests include playing the flute, writing poetry, and watching musicals at the theater.



Memento Artem Writer (Cameron Cizek):

Cameron Cizek is a junior studying web development, graphic design, and emerging media. Originally from colorful Colorado, but if you ask him he’ll call Minnesota a second home any day. Cameron enjoys all things visual art and culture and is not afraid to go on heated tangents about it either. You can find him enjoying his hobby of photography, tending to his many plants, or enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

Religious Opinion Writer (Kasondra Reel):

Kasondra is a senior nursing major who is absolutely looking forward to working sky high as a neonatal flight nurse. Thankfully, as an adrenaline junkie, she loves most things that involve heights or outdoors, so hopefully she will be well prepared for her career. She also wants to serve as a missionary, but is not quite sure where. She loves coffee, reading, people and is perpetually organizing her room.


Kevin N..jpg

Global Opinion Writer (Wesley Rodriguez-Diep):

Wesley is a sophomore studying International Relations. With a love for different cultures, he loves to travel and experiencing new things.  Wesley loves to try new things and has a hard time saying no because he likes to get involved. Reading, gymnastics, and tv shows are just a few of his many hobbies along with meeting new people. Come up to him if you want to chat!

Sports Opinion Writer (Tyler Dean):

Tyler is a junior studying business (finance) and math. He loves his home state of Colorado, anything sports related (especially skiing and his hometown Denver Broncos), and spending time outdoors. Tyler does not know what he wants to do with his life, but does anyone really?




Head Photographer (Esther Pervis):

Esther is a junior studying nursing. Her passions for all things music, photography, and caring for others keep her going. If she’s not in her red scrubs, she probably has a camera in her hand. With a little over a year until she graduates, Esther has an open mind for whatever comes up next. Say cheese!

Photographer (Kayla Potts):

Kayla is a junior studying psychology. She is currently planning on going to grad school in Seattle after graduating from Union. If you're ever looking for Kayla you can find her playing guitar, writing songs, taking pictures, or in The Mill furthering her coffee addiction.



Photographer (Sally Becker):

This valley-girl by birth, currently residing in Indiana, is a sophomore Social Work major (who is more than likely struggling with her hair today). You can typically find Sally reading poetry, practicing photography, watching too many Netflix Originals, or frantically juggling her many responsibilities (Sally has a hard time saying no).