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The Clocktower, established in 1927 and sponsored by the Associated Student Body of Union College, is published weekly during the fall and spring semesters.

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Editor-in-Chief | Emily "Emy" Wood

Emily “Emy” Wood is a senior communications major who loves running around behind the camera. She calls Colorado home but endures the sticky heat of Missouri when not at Union College. One time she trekked through the rainforest to swim in a waterfall. When not running The Clocktower she enjoys doing yoga and crocheting.



Assistant Editor
Online Content Editor |
 James "The Dark Lord" Clague

James “The Dark Lord” Clague is a sophomore computer science, mathematics, engineering triple major and has experience, he promises. He has on the order of 6 jobs on campus yet still somehow has time to spend binge-watching Netflix.

His favorite word is ‘casual,’ which he typically uses in a deriding manner when describing Gabriel.



Head Layout Designer | Hannah Gregg

Hannah Gregg is a sophomore graphic arts major who grew up among the backwoods hillbillies of West Virginia. Can recite whole movies from memory. Obsessed with walking on frozen lakes at really, any time of day. Striving to be a great designer, if the making for a great designer is in her blood. Stubborn and sidetracked.


Assistant Layout Designer | Danica Eylenstein

Danica Eylenstein is a junior communications major with an emphasis in emerging media and a minor in business administration. She is currently residing in Lincoln, Nebraska, but New Jersey will forever have her heart. She loves traveling, photography, baking, and taking naps. She may have a slight obsession with iced tea.



News Editor | Stefani aka Tiff aka Jessica Leeper

Stefani aka Tiff aka Jessica Leeper is a senior communications major and has the most experience, even more than James and Gabriel combined, writing for several magazines and other news sources, and spent this summer interning as copy-editor of the weekly news released by the Rocky Mountain Conference. This California native currently resides in Lincoln, Neb, although Sabah and Hong Kong also claim pieces of her heart.

Lifestyle Editor | Ria Carriger

Ria Carriger is a lifelong Lincolnite, junior history major and lover of books. She loves green tea, old Audrey Hepburn movies, dabbling in photography in her free time, and her friend Caroline.  



Opinion Editor | Gabriel "Gabriel" Flechas

Gabriel “Gabriel” Flechas is a sophomore business administration and engineering studies double major (he also one day aims to complete an additional major in mathematics) , and has more experience than James, maybe. He is the Academic Coordinator on ASB, night time desk worker in Culver and a coffee enthusiast. He hails from the majestic realm of Mountains and non-humid air (aka. Colorado). For now he is merely a student, but he strives to one day be Super Engineer. He will reside in Lincoln NE for the majority of time over the next three years.

Social Media Editor | Maylina Graham

Maylina Graham is a sophomore international relations major with a minor in public relations and loves traveling, coffee, and Netflix. She also has a passion for fashion and sports. Raised in Georgia but born in NYC, she is a city girl at heart.



On-Campus Writer | Sean Hendrix

Sean Elliott Hendrix is a senior biomedical science major with a minor in Spanish. He enjoys warm weather and is still wondering why he lives in Nebraska. He will not share his fries with you, so don’t ask.



Community and World News Writer | Caroline Guchu

Caroline Guchu is a sophomore communications major with an emphasis in public relations and loves music, sleeping, coffee, Netflix, her friend Ria  and her family more than anything. Her heart belongs in Kansas City but she currently resides in the okay city of Lincoln, Neb.

HOUC and Events Writer | Autumn Mott

Autumn Mott is a sophomore communications major with an emphasis in public relations and minors in marketing, graphic design, and youth ministry. Although she tolerates the corn fields of Nebraska, her heart resides in the mountains and hills of New England. When she's not dutifully slaving over assignments, she enjoys photography, reading, rooting for the Patriots, browsing Reddit, and binge-watching Psych.



Special Interest Writer | Amanda McCarter

Amanda McCarter is a sophomore pre-med biomedical science major with a minor in English. Taking a break from the pine trees of Oregon, she is now exploring the wild corn fields of Nebraska. She enjoys superhero movies, cheesecake, and fooling herself into thinking she can sing all the parts of Broadway musicals.

Culture and Relationships Writer | Katie Morrison

Katie Morrison is a senior business marketing major with a minor in communications and Italian. Unfortunately she can’t communicate in Italian very well so that also kind of makes her a liar. She loves the most basic of things: coffee, having a car, the dead of winter and family. Seriously, just ask about her nephews; she’ll never shut up.



Pop Culture Writer | Sara Roberts

Sara Roberts is a junior English and business major who loves to read and write and eat anything chocolate. She calls the Rocky Mountains of Colorado home and only plans to tolerate the plains of Nebraska for two more years.

Sports Opinion Writer | Tyler Dean

Tyler Dean is a sophomore accounting and finance major who plays on the golf team and enjoys sports in general.


Kevin N..jpg

Humor Opinion Writer | Kevin Niederman

Kevin Niederman is like, you know, just a man. No praise required. He just like, you know, waits till the last possible second to write, often much longer, and then writes from the soul. From deep within the soul. Such is the way… of genius…

Political Opinion Writer | Jonathan Deemer

Jonathan Deemer is a sophomore biomedical science major who plays on the basketball team and enjoys watching football.




Photographer | Zachary Morrison

Zachary Morrison is a senior accounting major and loves taking pictures as a side hobby. Having grown up in the corn fields of Iowa, he is well accustomed to the fine living in Lincoln, Neb. His favorite activities include basketball, reading, and visiting coffee shops regularly.



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