Unleash your creativity at Corky Canvas

Naomi Prasad

Already looking for an escape from your stressful collegiate schedule? Consider visiting Corky Canvas for a fun and relaxing way to bring your creative side back to life!

Comparable to Paint Yourself Silly, Corky Canvas offers a fun painting experience for students looking for a way to liberate their creative juices once more. For those of you like me who don’t consider yourself to be creative, Corky Canvas instructors will lead you step by step to help you recreate a masterpiece.

Lincolnite Ashley Pavlish mentions in a five star review, “If you want to do something different for a night out, THIS IS THE PLACE! I have been several times, and always have a blast! I am not artistic but am always happy with how my paintings turn out!”

Corky Canvas is located only eight minutes from campus at 3700 S. 9th St. off Highway 2. Each day has a different theme so call ahead or check out www.corkycanvas.com to see what they are offering before registering for a session. Themes vary and August featured options ranging from brilliant daisies and sunset palms to Nebraska door hangers.

A memorable experience, one session at this local favorite will cost $25-$35 dollars per person, which covers a standard 16x20 canvas and all the paint supplies. Though the cost may make your dollars and dimes run for cover, Corky Canvas is a an excellent option for those looking for an alternative date night or to make moves on someone new. Once you’re set up and ready to go the only thing left is to let your creativity and chemistry work their magic for a night the two of you won’t soon forget.

Naomi is a sophomore studying chemistry and pre-med.