Welcome to Lincoln

I'll be your travel guide

Steven Foster

I just want to say thanks.

The fact that you’re reading this sentence is the reason my team—a group of more than 20 peopleworked so hard to craft this first issue of the 89th volume of The Clocktower. But this is no ordinary issue.

This issue, “The Definitive Guide to Lincoln, Nebraska,” is a celebration of why we affectionately call Lincolnhome. When I was a senior in high school, I swore that I’d never move to Nebraska. Of course, this was because I am from Colorado, and I was swollen with mountain pride. My plans didn’t work out too well, and two years ago I ended up moving to the Silicon Prairie known as Lincoln. And you know what? It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Here I’ve made new friends, girlfriends and best friends. Lincoln led me to new hobbies and passions, and through the city I discovered the joy of running. One of Lincoln’s best kept secrets is its impressive 131 miles of trail that, through a feat of civil engineering, weave and wind to connect the entire city. Using the simple trail system, I’ve quite literally ran all over the city. From Union College to the capitol building to near Wal-Mart on 84th and Nebraska Highway, my own two feet have transported me to just about anywhere you can imagine.

While we’re at it, why don’t we give a shout out to The Lincoln Running Company. Located near Q and 13th Street, this business caters to runners of all levels. If you’re considering becoming serious about running, these guys can hook you up.

All of this brings me to the Lincoln National Guard marathon that takes place near the first weekend in May. A few months ago, I completed my very first half marathon. I completed my first half marathon because I bought great running shoes from The Lincoln Running Company. I bought great running shoes from The Lincoln Running Company because I discovered an amazing city-wide trail system. I discovered an amazing city-wide trail system because I found a passion in running. I found a passion in running because I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska.

That’s my story. My incredible staff have filled the following pages with their stories. But still, I’m curiouswhat’s yourstory?

Steven is a senior studying communication and graphic design.