Maegan Luckiesh

Maegan is a senior graphic design major who has lived in 25 different dwellings and is apparently trying to count The Clocktower office as place number 26. She enjoys reading, building legos, nerding out about Harry Potter and anything beach, which she accredits to her 5 years growing up in southern California.


Danica Eylenstein
Assistant Editor
Houc Writer

Danica is a senior communication major from New Jersey. She enjoys traveling and new adventures, but would just as happily stay home binging something on Netflix or taking a nap.


Jovan Cross
Assistant Layout Editor

Jovan is an enthusiastic graphic designer from Connecticut. He loves animals and someday wishes to get his pilot’s license. Jovan is involved with a lot around campus and you will often find him with a smile on his face.


Cameron Cizek
Website Content Manager
Art Writer

Cameron grew up in the small town of Brighton, Colorado. His passion for art and art history may seem intense but it comes from a place of good. His mission is to share art and art history in a way everyone can enjoy! Cameron is often found spoiling his friends in an attempt to imitate the literal sweetest woman in the world, his Grandma Taylor.


Juliet Bromme
Section editor

Juliet is from a really hot place called Orlando, Florida and enjoys going places where it snows. As a graphic design major, she hopes to someday work as a layout editor for a magazine, preferably in a place where it snows. In her free time she loves spending time with friends and family, going to Chipotle and watching Forrest Gump. Juliet believes it’s soda, not pop and boxed water is better. 


Max Bromme
Section editor

Max is a junior business administration major from Orlando, Florida. He enjoys playing the piano, sports and hanging out with friends. He is an avid Washington Nationals fan.


Katie Turk
Section editor

Katie is a senior language arts education major who has a passion for mountain climbing, SCUBA diving, puppies and writing. She hopes to teach high school English when she graduates.


Esther Pervis
Lead Photographer

Esther is a Level 3 nursing major aiming to work in pediatric trauma. Making people smile is her passion and she wants to go to Alaska someday. She loves macaroni and cheese and often has cravings for Taco Bell.


Britni Conrad

Britni, from central Wisconsin, is a junior graphic design student. She loves all things Wisconsin: cheese, snow and the Green Bay Packers. In her free time Britni can be found camping, hammocking, traveling or sleeping, but what she loves the most is laughing at (and with) her closest friends and being surrounded by family.


Kayla Potts

Plant mom, lover of cats, avid drinker of coffee, best friends with the floor (she falls a lot), is probably currently dressed either like your school librarian from middle school or your 


Levi Ventura

Levi likes to take photos and you should definitely follow him on Instagram because he needs more followers. He hopes you have a good day and know Jesus loves you!


Alaysha Harris
How to Writer

Alaysha is a senior communication major with an emphasis in public relations. At a young age she knew she had a passion for reading, writing and public speaking. Eager to expand her talents, she joined the Clocktower team. Alaysha can't wait to see what wonderful things this new school year will bring. 


Amanda McCarter
Lifestyle Writer

Amanda is a senior biomedical science major.  Originally from Oregon, she has braved through Nebraska’s freezing winters and greedy squirrels in pursuit of her degree.  She enjoys hiking, singing along to musicals and watching superhero movies.


Ashley Bower
Political Opinion Writer

Ashley is from Texas and therefore hates any kind of weather (rain, snow, hail, wind). She is a dog enthusiast, though she also owns a hamster named Paco, and loves to pet strangers’ dogs. She loves reading her favorite series, Harry Potter, or other classic literature. Two of her biggest dreams are to see Hamilton on Broadway and go to Harry Potter World in Orlando. 


Kasondra Reel
Religion Writer

Kasondra is a spirited writer from Ooltewah, TN where she especially enjoys rock climbing and whitewater kayaking. She is mission-minded and ready to work as a NICU nurse. She can't wait to see where God is taking her - whether it's a mountain to ski or the jungles of Africa.


Nic Morrison
Entertainment Writer

Nicholas Morrison does not like to talk about himself, but if he was forced to write a bio against his will, he might say dogs, food, friends and family are his top 4 favorite things. Luckily, he can watch movies with all 4. So maybe movies are his favorite?


Tyler Dean
Sports Writer

Tyler loves sports (as if that wasn’t apparent.) If you don’t see him in his trademark Denver Broncos orange on campus, he’s probably on the golf course. The only thing he likes more than golf is skiing, which is coincidentally why he chose a college in Lincoln, Nebraska. 


Yeimy Rodriguez
News Writer

Yeimy lives in the most beautiful state: Florida. She loves books (recommend her your fave!). She is reliable and loves to get a job done right!